Retail Ready Brands for available for International Distribution

Retail Ready Brands

We are an independent, 100% New Zealand owned total honey solution, proud to bring the taste of New Zealand Honey to the world. As New Zealand’s premiere honey producer and packer our experienced beekeepers strategically place hives in the most pristine lands and forests of clean, green New Zealand, in a sustainable environment, that allows our bees to live up to their reputation as nature’s hardest workers.

Midlands Apiaries has perfected the process of producing and supplying monofloral Mānuka honey for retail-ready brands. We currently have three distinct quality retail-ready brands in our stable, each designed to attract different markets. Some of our most notable brands include PURITI, Mount Somers and Primal By Nature. They are world-renowned for their quality and authenticity; each is positioned to meet different consumers’ needs.

We have a wide range of experience dealing with high-end Mānuka honey brands to ones that are more novelty, souvenir-based and sustainably conscious. You may be aware of a gap in the market that you wish to capitalise on. Our extensive operation gives you the perfect launching pad for your lucrative honey brand.

We can assist with the following:

Mānuka Honey ProductionYear-Round Supply | Internationally-Recognised Testing | Bespoke Packaging | Marketing Expertise | Exporting Knowledge

Feel free to peruse the many products we have to inspire your honey brand as you consider entering the market.  If you are a retailer or distributor, our team and brands are ready for you.

Marketing Support

We own insightful marketing platforms established to support all of our retail brands. We give continuous support and development to our platforms to evolve and strengthen them over time. In addition, we can guide and direct you to develop your national presence, providing a digital resource to continue the development of your platforms.

Extensive Product Range

We have an unprecedented and growing range of ready-for-market products available.  Our standard range has established a strong domestic presence and international distribution, but we are flexible to your market needs. As we have with retail brands, including; PURITI, Primal By Nature and Mount Somers, we can offer our services to give your brand its own distinctive image. Our unique and growing range of new and innovative products are some of the many ways to deliver honey to consumers.

International Presence

Midlands Apiaries specialises in retail brands with established international markets, brand awareness, and driving consumer demand. Additionally, we create strong partnerships, giving you support and confidence to grow and distribute our Retail Ready Brands into the global market.

Mānuka honey wholesalers are only based in New Zealand, which has specific laws regarding compliance. With any other Mānuka honey that comes from a different country, you can’t be certain that the product is genuine. New Zealand maintains a premium position in overseas markets that allows for the security and certainty of the presence of pure Mānuka honey in the world.

As a national product of New Zealand, the government also takes a very strict stance on what is legally deemed to be monofloral Mānuka honey. According to the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), there are five defining attributes that must be met to be considered pure Mānuka honey. A failure to meet just one of these criteria will stop the honey from receiving a monofloral certification.

Looking for other options?

Our honey products are also available in your own private label /OEM brand or as a bulk packaging as an ingredient for food or cosmetics


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