Retail Ready Brands for available for International Distribution

Retail Ready Brands

We are an independent, 100% New Zealand owned total honey solution, proud to bring the taste of New Zealand Honey to the world. As New Zealand’s premiere honey producer and packer our experienced beekeepers strategically place hives in the most pristine lands and forests of clean, green New Zealand, in a sustainable environment, that allows our bees to live up to their reputation as nature’s hardest workers.

We produce and pack Mānuka, Clover, Honeydew and Multi-flora honeys as well as a range of native honeys like Rātā and Kāmahi. Our state-of-the-art production and packaging facilities are conveniently located in the agricultural heart of New Zealand providing all the services required to blend, package, and distribute high quality products and exceptional brands, including PURITI Primal By Nature and Mount Somers.

Marketing Support

We have strong, confident marketing platforms established to support our retail brands. We give these continuous support and development ensuring our marketing platforms evolve and strengthen. We can guide and direct you to develop your own national presence, providing digital resource to help develop your own platforms.

Wide Range of Products

We have an unprecedented and growing range of ready for market products available.  Our standard range has established a strong domestic presence as well as international distribution, but we are flexible to your market needs.  We can customised our PURITI, Primal By Nature or Mount Somers offering to suit your requirements. We have a unique and growing range of new and innovative products and ways to deliver honey to consumers.

International Presence

We have a global reach with our Retail Brands, with established international markets with global brand awareness which drives consumer demand. We create strong partnerships, giving you support and confidence, to grow and distribute our Retail Ready Brands into your market.

Looking for other options?

Our honey products are also available in your own private label /OEM brand or as a bulk packaging as an ingredient for food or cosmetics


Adam Boot

International Brand Manager

Ph: +64 27 426 6006


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