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Honey Manufacturers delivering Your Total Honey Solution

At Midlands Apiaries, we pride ourselves on producing the world's finest honey.

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Experienced beekeepers strategically place hives in the most pristine unpolluted lands and forests of clean green New Zealand. We sincerely hope that you enjoy our range of specialty honey as much as we enjoy producing it.

Midlands Apiaries

We provide a full service when it comes to honey, producing and packing some of the most popular New Zealand honey products. We have a world class operation, producing some of the world’s best honeys from our pristine lands and forests. We can guide you along the process, from blend specification to label design. We can help you develop your brand.

Producing the smoothest honeys

Delivering on Quality

We operate a strong Quality Assurance Programme with vigilant compliance and certification systems.

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We are focused on a high-quality production process and the highest quality assurance standards. Our purpose-built processing facility operates a HACCP based Risk Management Programme and is a certified SQF food production facility, licensed and inspected by New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI). We undertake regular testing of our honey and honey products to ensure our customers are getting top quality and value.

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Our Capabilities

Quality is at the forefront of Midlands Apiaries business ethics. This focus is evident at all stages of the production ensuring the highest quality and authenticity of our honey.


Our capacity and continuity of supply means we can deliver what you need, when you need it.