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Midlands offers Seeds, Honey, Superfoods & Oils

Bulk, Private Label and Retail Ready solutions for your business.

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Growing success from the ground up.

Through innovation and a dedication to producing complementary products, we have become a global leader in high value seed production, a leading producer and exporter of high-quality food ingredients, honeys and nutritional oils and a fundamental force in research and development. Since planting our first seed back in 1990, we’ve sown a strong network of products, services and people with one shared goal – to develop the production and export of arable products from New Zealand.

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As a world class producer, we supply you with high-quality seeds, honey, and nutritional products, through setting new standards for innovation and trustworthy business practice.

Midlands Products

We offer a wide range of high quality business solutions for your brand, ensuring quality and attention to detail at every stage of our supply chain. Whether you are looking for Bulk options as an ingredient or repackaging, Private Label or one of our off the shelf Retail Ready products for distribution, we have a wide range of options to suit your market and customer needs.


The backbone of our company

Our strong investment in research and innovation, is part of our commitment to improving the quality and value of our products.

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From our beginning, one of our main priorities has been the focus on research to help secure the futures of both the company and their farmer clientele. As a result the company now has extensive research and development programmes to support and encourage the development of the New Zealand and Australian Arable sectors.

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Midlands Services

We are a group of products, services and people with one shared goal. Midlands Services provide quality and certainty of timing to a range of critical agricultural processes to ensure we deliver you the best possible products.