At the heart of the global specialty seeds supply chain

Growing success from the ground up.

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Midlands Seed is one of New Zealand’s top agricultural producers of specialty seeds and food ingredients. With world-leading quality as our benchmark, our latitude, air quality, water supply, and exceptional soil types allow us to produce superior products.

Midlands Seeds

As one of New Zealand’s top producers of quality seeds and grains, we’re at the heart of the global supply chain, delivering 95% of the country’s Marrowfat peas and 40% of the world’s hybrid carrot seeds.

Seed Production in New Zealand


We have many years of experience with specialist crops and indispensable local knowledge.

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From the company's beginning, one of its main priorities has been a focus on research to help secure the futures of both the company and their farmer clientele. As a result, the company now has extensive research and breeding programmes to support and encourage the development of seed production and arable foods for identifiable markets.

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Our Capabilities

Our vertically integrated supply chain means we can control the quality of our products at every stage of production, through to delivery to port.


Our people are the foundation of our success, the create long term partnerships with growers, suppliers and customers.