Midlands Sustainability Principles

We are conscious of sustainability across our business and reflect this throughout Midlands core values, including; 

  • Operating in a safe and environmentally sustainable way, 
  • World-leading quality, and
  • Innovation and research are the backbone of our company.

We take sustainability and our environmental impacts seriously, taking a continuous improvement approach to ensure that our business, suppliers, and customers can succeed now and into the future.

What does this mean?

New Zealand has been blessed with abundant rainfall, resulting in a consistent and renewable water source for irrigation, alongside large volumes of hydroelectric-generated power to operate our processing facilities.

Midlands operates consistently with our core values, investing in all our processes to reduce our inputs while increasing our outputs, including;

Investing in Research and Development projects to use less or no chemicals

Developing relationships with farmers who operate within strict environmental controls, independently overseen by our local, regional councils.

This includes;

  • Maximising water efficiency while reducing water inputs.
  • Improving plant utilisation of nutrients from livestock or fertilizer, decreasing nutrient inputs and reducing nutrient loss to waterways.

Using only the inputs needed, adopting precision agriculture techniques such as GPS-guided spraying, fertilizer, and plant placement.

Undertaking an independent company-wide carbon assessment to clarify our opportunities to improve.

Zero waste approach to manufacturing.

Using sea freight as our primary mode of export instead of airfreight.

But we have more to do…

We are keeping close to the progression of green technology in vehicles, transport, and building design. We will continue to adopt more of this technology when our existing assets need replacing. We are excited by some of the results from our Research and Development projects, some of which have globally significant benefits. And we will continue to have our company independently assessed to understand our progress and learn more about where our opportunities are and what we can do to get better.