Vegetable Seed Production in New Zealand

New Zealand Seed Production


Vegetable seed production of the highest quality is at the centre of the Midlands Seed business philosophy. With its geographic location in the heart of New Zealand's arable farming area, Midlands Seed is superbly positioned to oversee all aspects of the supply chain. From product development and production through to shipping. Midlands represents vegetable seed production in New Zealand at its finest.

Grower Contact

As the seed company of choice for businesses around the world, a major strength is our ability to work closely with the grower during cultivation. Through to planting and during the growing season to harvest. Being positioned so close to the seed production source, Midlands Seed carry out field inspections immediately as required as well as assist with all grower enquiries. Buyers are also continually updated on the crop prospects, and encouraged to visit the growing sites.

Post Harvest

Midlands Seed’s involvement continues with the post-harvest supervision of cleaning and further processing of the product before it is packed and made ready for shipping. The same level of quality control is undertaken with shipping schedules, documentation and loading.


Varietal purity throughout the total production and supply process is of paramount importance, to protect the interest of buyers and the integrity of Midlands Seed.