Production and Agronomy

Production & Agronomy

We are committed to excellent service and technical support to our local grower suppliers and our international customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable agronomic staff work very closely with our grower suppliers to ensure production outcomes are maximised for the grower and end user, including both quality and yield.

With our geographic location in the heart of New Zealand’s arable farming area, we are superbly positioned to oversee all aspects of the supply chain from product development and production through to shipping.

Research & Best Practice

Our research and development team provide certainty around success of commercial crop outcomes, through dedicated crop trials, synchronisation of flowering for hybrid seed production and evaluation of new generation biopesticides. Our highly skilled agronomists work closely with the grower, visiting crops right from sowing all the way through to harvest, ensuring crops stay on the right track. We are continually evolving our processes and confirming best practice to ensure the best outcomes for our crops. 

Crop Isolation

To avoid contamination and off types, we ensure crops are appropriately isolated. Through implementation of the SCID (Seed Crop Isolation Distance) programme, we can access information from local farmers about what crops are being planted in the area.

Closed Production Loop

The strength of our business is the ability to work closely with the grower during cultivation, planting and through the growing season to harvest. Being positioned so close to the production source, we carry out field inspections immediately as required as well as assist with all grower inquiries. Buyers are also continually updated on the crop prospects and encouraged to visit the growing sites.

Varietal purity throughout the total production and supply process is of paramount importance, to protect the interest of buyers and the integrity of Midlands Seed.


Ross Wilson

Production Manager

Ph: +64 274 399 377


Michael Bruce

Field Consultant

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Andrew Doyle

Field Consultant

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Brent Middleton

Field Consultant

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Brad Stara

Field Consultant

Ph: +64 272 876 920


"Production of the highest quality is at the very heart of Midlands Seeds business philosophy"