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Working with businesses to grow their brands

We have a wide range of products and packaging to suit your business and market needs

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Through innovation and dedication, we have become a leading producer and exporter of high-quality food ingredients, honeys and nutritional oils, a global leader in high value seed production and a fundamental force in research and development.

Seeds, Honey, Oils and Plant Based Superfood Products for your brand

Delivering products to suit your business

We have a wide ranges of products and packaging options to suit your business and customer needs.

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Whether you are wanting a new health product for your own brand, or need one of our products as an ingredient or looking to remultiply high value seeds, we work with you to meet your market needs. If you are looking for something already established, we have a range of Retail Ready Brands available for distribution. Alongside our already established products and brands, we have strong innovation, research and new product development programmes developing new products and improving our current product range.

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Private Label New Zealand Honey

Premium New Zealand Honey, carefully prepared and delicately poured into the packaging of your choice.

Bulk & Private Label Oils and Health Foods

High quality specialty oils and plant based superfoods available in Bulk or Private Label.

Bulk Seeds, Cereals & Pulses

Seed production for food ingredients.

Seed Multiplication

Midlands Seed specialises in high value seed multiplication, focusing on achieving positive outcomes for both our grower suppliers and our international buyers. We have a strong focus on research to ensure successful hybrid seed production and the best agronomic practice

Retail Ready Brands for Distribution

We take our high quality products and put them into exceptional brands. With established domestic markets and global reach with our Retail Brands have established international markets with global brand awareness consumer demand. If you are looking for a new brand for distribution in your market, talk to us about your customers needs.

Our Organic Products

Consumption of organic products is increasing as people become more aware of the unnatural synthetic preservatives found in many food products. All our organic products are carefully looked after within a diligent Organic Management Plan, with the guidance and support of our independant and international recognised third-parties. This means all our Organic products are recognised as Certified Organic worldwide, ensuring that the integrity of our organic products and that they meet the highest global standards.