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We have been pioneering a new frontier for New Zealand agriculture. The wonder crop that is hemp provides a great source of nutrition through a range of high-quality hemp seed food products such as Hulled Seed, Bottled Oil, Oil in Capsules, Protein, and Flour.

Chemical Residue Free

Our vertical integration from the planted seed to the final product, allows us to guarantee our Chemical Residue Free Hemp is exactly that.  This allows us to be the only hemp producers  to produce validated and tested Chemical Residue Free Hemp in the market.

Pioneering the Hemp Industry in New Zealand

We are leaders, pioneering innovation Hemp Seed products. We were the first to introduce hemp to New Zealand consumers over 15 years ago. Involved since the first Ministry of Health hemp licences were issued in New Zealand in 2001, our vertically integrated supply chain means that quality control and traceability can be accounted for at every stage. 

New Zealand’s, latitude, temperate climate, pristine air quality, consistent water supply for irrigation and exceptional soil types, create perfect growing conditions for this versatile crop. Our modern purpose built seed processing and oil extraction facility and cutting edge processes ensure that maximum quality and yield is achieved from the product for all areas of the market place.

Expertise in Hemp Production

We have been growing Hemp for decades, so enjoy the benefits of our experience. Being one of the largest and longest producers of Hemp in New Zealand, we know how to get the best quality products. We have dedicated research team ensuring we have the best seed lines for our climate and location providing the right environment to produce higher quality omega concentrations. 

Available for Export and International Distribution

Our new hemisphere brand has an already established domestic market and we welcome enquiries from domestic retailers. If you are looking for a high quality New Zealand brand for your local market, please get in touch.

Product Range Available

Other products, packaging and sizes may be available on request.

  • Hemp Seed Oil (250ml)
  • Chilli Flavoured Hemp Seed Oil (250ml)
  • Garlic Flavoured Hemp Seed Oil (250ml)
  • Hemp Seed Oil 1000mg Capsules (120 & 240)
  • Hemp Seed Hulled (200g)
  • Hemp Protein (200g)
  • Hemp Seed Flour (300g)

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Account Manager

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