Mount Somers Honey

Mount Somers

New Zealand honey is world renowned for its quality and purity. Mount Somers is the best of the rest, a high quality honey with everyday value.

As a leading producer of honey in Zealand, we take our high quality honey and create great brands for other businesses.  But if you are looking for something a little easier and faster, we have a range of exceptional Retail Ready Brands, with a wide and flexible range of options, proven market performance, and an establish global presence, that you can take off the shelve to distribute to your market and customers.  

Mount Somers is New Zealand's largest FMCG honey range providers, with delicious high quality Manuka HoneyFlavoured HoneyChocolate Honey, New Zealand Native Honey and Baking and Cooking Honey. Make sure you get high quality, affordable and innovative honey that customers can love and trust. Offering a wide range of unique and quality honey to the New Zealand consumer, our honey is proudly sourced from some of the most unpolluted and isolated areas of New Zealand. We have dedicated ourselves to the art of producing New Zealand’s most beautiful and popular honeys for retail sale. It is this dedication that has allowed us to become a reliable brand of New Zealand honey. 

Great Quality Honey

We take great pleasure in supplying some of the finest honey varieties of New Zealand that have exceptional taste and texture. Our flavoured honeys are crafted by master creamers producing the smoothest honey with superior texture, viscosity and crystal size, and exciting flavour palates.

Innovate New Flavours

We don’t want to be like everyone else, which is why we have developed expansive and innovative new honey flavours .We have gone further to challenge the honey industry providing innovative new products including our flavour sensations with our unique velvety 100% pure creamed clover with all natural flavours and extracts of zingy tangy fruits and dangerously indulgent desserts. This flavoured honey range delivers customer centred solutions, providing a range of taste options to suit individual consumers. 

Available for Export and International Distribution

Our Mount Somers brand has an already established domestic market and we welcome enquiries from domestic retailers. If you are looking for a high quality New Zealand brand for your local market, please get in touch.

Wide Range of Mount Somers Products Currently Available in Market

We have a wide range of Retail Ready Manuka and non Manuka honey flexible to suit your needs. Minimum order quantities apply.  Our range includes;

Manuka Honey

  • Mānuka Blend (500g)
  • Mānuka Multifloral MGO50+ (500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 5+ (250g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 10+ (250g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 15+ (250g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 20+ (250g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 24+ (250g)

 Single Serve Options

  • Mānuka Lozenge UMF 5+ (8 Strip)
  • Mānuka Snap Pack UMF 5+ (21 x 5g)
  • Mānuka Honey Drops UMF 15+ (180g)
  • Mānuka Honey & Lemon Drops UMF 15+ (180g)
  • Mānuka Propolis Throat Spray UMF 15+ (30ml)

New Zealand Specialty Honey

  • Clover Honey (250g & 500g)
  • Raw Honey (350g)
  • Rātā Honey (350g)
  • Kāmahi Honey (350g)

Flavoured Honey

  • Honey & Vanilla (350g)
  • Honey & Ginger (350g)
  • Honey & Lime (350g)
  • Honey & Lemon (350g)
  • Chocolate Honey (350g)


Tasman Walker

Sales - Asia & Australia

Ph: +64 27 237 6318


Nick Kerr

Sales - North America & Europe

Ph: +64 27 807 9849


Our honey is harvested, extracted, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand