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Commercial Seed Suppliers at the heart of Australia's Seed Production

Growing success from the ground up

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Midlands Seed is one of Australia's top agricultural producers of specialty seeds and food ingredients. With world-leading quality as our benchmark, our latitude, temperate climate, pristine air quality, soil types, availability of irrigation, and grower expertise allows us to produce superior products.

Midlands Seed Australian Range

We are commercial growers offering a wide range of quality seed, including high value hybrid vegetable seeds, herbage seed and a variety of Australian grown pulses oilseeds and cereals. Our people are dedicated experts in agricultural production, producing some of Australia's best arable products. Tasmania, with its combination of excellent soil types, temperate climate and abundant fresh water supply for irrigation, create perfect growing conditions for a large number of arable products. Couple these favourable conditions with the expertise of Midlands Seed personnel, enhanced by the relationships they have with world-renowned research and marketing organisations, and the results are arable products which meet the highest world standards.

Seed Production in Tasmania


We are a seed company with many years of experience with specialist crops and indispensable local knowledge.

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From the company's beginning, one of its main priorities has been a focus on research to help secure the futures of both the company and their farmer clientele. As a result, the company now has extensive research and breeding programmes to support and encourage the development of seed production, including high value vegetable seeds and herbage seeds, and arable foods for identifiable markets.

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Our Capabilities

We are a seed company that creates long term partnerships with our growers, suppliers and customers with complete traceability from the planted seed, right through to the final product.


Our later growing season in comparison to the Australian mainland, is a focal point for our seed production