PURITI - Pure Manuka, Pure Quality


PURITI is the best of the best. Exceeding all quality and science markers for Manuka and other monofloral honey.

As a leading producer of honey in Zealand, we take our high quality honey and create great brands for other businesses.  But if you are looking for something a little easier and faster, we have a range of exceptional Retail Ready Brands, with a wide and flexible range of options, proven market performance, and an establish global presence, that you can take off the shelve to distribute to your market and customers.  

PURITI is like no other brand in the market, with proprietary jars, lids and labels. We believe that NZ Mānuka honey must be the very best in every aspect and the same quality should be available to all consumers, no matter where they are in the world. We want to eliminate confusion surrounding Mānuka honey grading systems and standards. Not only should the consumer know what the different grades mean and represent but they should also understand the legal standards, what they are and where they are applicable.

Glyphosate 0.0%

All PURITI honey as nature intended, which is why we test for Glyphosate, because more and more consumers are thinking about what's in their food.

We Protected PURITI Against Counterfeit to ensure you get the Genuine Product

We go to the next level to protect PURITI with anti-counterfeit and consumer protection features, ensuring the product you receive is always the real deal.

Manuka Science Definition

We eclipse the Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) Mānuka honey science definition measuring higher in all recognised markers.

It is clear that many consumers are unaware that the MPI Mānuka Honey Science Definition (legal testing standard) only applies to exported jars, and is not a requirement for the New Zealand domestic market. Most international consumers are also unaware that bulk barrels of Manuka Honey can be exported and packed overseas without any mandatory or legal requirement to meet the MPI Science Definition. Theoretically, this allows bulk honey to be packed offshore outside of New Zealand where quality regulation, standards and labeling rules may vary dramatically, therefore, resulting in a lower quality product.

The consumer must be given the full picture, the whole truth and all the information required to make an informed choice. We need to be comfortable whether you choose PURITI or not, your choice has been an informed one. A lesser product does not mean a bad product, it just isn’t at PURITI Manuka quality. But if you do choose PURITI, you are getting Mānuka honey that meets that PURITI Honey testing Standards.  All our Mānuka honey is 10-100% higher than MPI's export standards and you can be assured that PURITI Mānuka honey contains no Glyphosate residue. 

Available for Export and International Distribution

Our PURITI brand has an already established domestic market and we welcome enquiries from domestic retailers. If you are looking for a high quality New Zealand brand for your local market, please get in touch.

Wide Range of PURITI Products Currently Available in Market

We offer a wide range of retail ready Mānuka honey in a variety of UMF strengths and jar size to suit your market needs. Minimum order quantities apply.  Our range includes;

Mānuka Honey

  • Mānuka UMF 5+ (250g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 8+ (250g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 10+ (250g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 12+ (120g, 250g, 340g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 15+ (120g, 250g, 340g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 18+ (120g, 250g, 340g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 20+ (120g, 250g, 340g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 22+ (120g & 250g)
  • Mānuka Special Reserve UMF 25+ (250g)
  • Mānuka Premium Reserve UMF 26+ (250g)
  • Mānuka Grand CRU 28+ (250g)
  • Mānuka Grand CRU 30+ (250g)
  • Mānuka Grand CRU Premier Reserve 31+ (250g)

Single Serve Options

  • Mānuka Snap Packs UMF 10+ (21x5g)
  • Mānuka Lozenges UMF 12+ (8 Strip)
  • Mānuka Crystals UMF 5+ (40x5g)
  • Mānuka UMF 10+ with Apple Cider Vinegar (60 gummies - 240g)
  • Mānuka UMF 10+ with Blackcurrant, Vitamin C & Zinc (60 gummies - 240g)
  • Mānuka  UMF 10+ with Turmeric, Ginger & Lemon (60 gummies - 240g)

New Zealand Specialty Honey

  • Organic Clover Honey (250g & 500g)
  • Honeydew (250g & 500g)
  • Kamahi Honey (250g & 500g)
  • Rata Honey (250g & 500g)
  • Thyme Honey (250g & 500g)
  • Native Forest Honey (250g & 500g)
  • Wild Flower Honey (250g & 500g)


Adam Boot

International Brand Manager

Ph: +64 27 426 6006

E: honey@midlands.co.nz

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