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Manuka Honey

As one of New Zealand’s leading producers of 100% genuine Manuka Honey as private label, Midlands Apiaries runs an operation as smooth as the honey we produce. Within our facilities, we own an extensive apiary, packing and jar production facility. As a result, we provide a vertically integrated service that ensures your private label brand is nurtured to the highest international standards from concept to delivery.

Midlands Apiaries is proud to be one of the largest Mānuka honey manufacturers and producers in New Zealand.  In addition, we sell Mānuka honey wholesale and private label Mānuka honey to some of the largest retailers in the world.

Honey Production

Midlands Apiaries is 100% New Zealand owned and operated to ensure only the best wholesale Mānuka honey and private label Manuka honey is provided to clients and consumers worldwide. Mānuka honey is world-renowned for its unique properties.

Creating your Brand to meet your Business and Market Needs

Whether you call it private label, white label, packed honey, own brand or OEM, we are an experienced honey packer and leading supplier of retail ready packed honey. We offer a full service from product development, to label design, to export requirements. Our flexible and customised approach means we adapt to suit your business and market needs. With a wide range of premium honey our dedicated teams are ready to help you with all aspects of your brand, to ensure your product meets the highest possible standards.

Craftsmen of Honey

Our master creamers are craftsmen of honey, creating honey creamer that fosters an excellent product with superior taste, texture, viscosity and crystal size. Every batch is crafted to meet our incredibly high-quality standards that are then independently verified by accredited New Zealand laboratories.

Manuka Honey Origin

In late spring to early summer, the Mānuka tree is covered in masses of flowers. The bee visits this flower to collect the pollen and begins the production of the iconic honey. Once the pollen and nectar are collected, worker bees fly back to the hive, depositing their gatherings into honeycombs. Lastly, our specialised field trucks can relocate hives and transport them back to our honey extraction facility for rigorous harvesting and testing.

Our dedicated team will help develop your private label brand and ensure it meets the highest quality standards. We offer you a customised total honey solution for your brand.

What we can help you with

  • Turnkey solution to fit your needs
  • Design & label development
  • Brand & new product development
  • Marketing support & insight
  • Compliance assurance
  • Testing & certifications
  • Exporting & logistics

Midlands Apiaries is an OEM of Mānuka honey. Businesses can approach us regarding the launching of their private label Mānuka honey brand creation. Midlands Apiaries is also home to a highly experienced and knowledgeable marketing team that is capable of facilitating the launch of brand/white label Mānuka honey products.

Honey Supply

At Midlands Apiaries, we have an incredible processing system as one of the largest Mānuka honey manufacturers and suppliers in New Zealand. Offering variations of Mānuka honey products, you’ll rest assured knowing that supply won’t be an issue. Our procurement team has a nationwide network of apiaries and freight teams to ensure a 12-month certainty and turnkey Manuka honey supply.

Quality Assurance

Our expert technical staff work in a state of the art laboratory that is purpose-built with high tech equipment to test our Mānuka honey. At every stage of honey production, we conduct tests to ensure purity and consistency. The total honey solution for your brand is of utmost importance to us; we always strive for perfection.

With our meticulous checks and balances, you’ll take comfort knowing that we provide a commitment to your private label brand 365 days of the year.

Independent IANZ certified laboratories also carry out tests to ensure our products comply with the most stringent quality standards. Focusing on our high-quality production process, we’re also capable of tracing all of our honey. We also conduct an extensive internal testing programme that is validated by independent testing.

Product Variations

From UMF 5+ (MGO 83) right through to the strongest Mānuka on the market (UMF 31+ / MGO 1722), we offer a wide range of creamed or liquid Mānuka Honey including;

  • Mānuka UMF 5+ (MGO 83)
  • Mānuka UMF 10+ (MGO 263)
  • Mānuka UMF 15+ (MGO 514)
  • Mānuka UMF 20+ (MGO 829)
  • Mānuka UMF 25+ (MGO 1200)
  • Mānuka UMF 31+ (MGO 1722)

Other MGO or UMF grades are available on request.

Packaging Options

At Midlands Apiaries, our packing facility is more than equipped to provide you with your private label’s design & label development. Our extensive selection ranges from 250g plastic square jars to 1400kg IBCs. In addition, we can modify our selection to fit varying shapes, colours and size concepts you may have (at a minimum order and lead time). Our frequent checkpoints during jar manufacturing also ensure that our jars never spill or leak.

While pure Mānuka honey is famous in its raw form - we also prepare crystals, powder, lozenges and more! Have a look at our extensive product selection below:

Private Label Options

Square honey jars

Square Plastic Jars

Hexagon honey jars

Hexagon Plastic Jars

Round Plastic honey jars

Round Plastic Jars

Round glass honey jars

Round Glass Jars

Squeezy Honey Bottles

Squeezy Bottles

Lozenges, Snap Packs, Crystals, Throat Spray & Honey Drops

Single Serve Honey Solutions

Retail Ready Brands for Distribution

Bulk Options for Food or Cosmetics

Bulk Honey containers

Other packaging may be available on request. Minimum order quantities apply.

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Export & Logistics

The highly experienced team at Midlands Apiaries also include a talented Exports and Logistics team who know what’s required to send private-label Mānuka honey worldwide - regardless of location; we’ll be by your side from brand concept to delivery. As one of the most prominent wholesale Mānuka honey distributors in the country, we’re no stranger to exporting private label products.

Midlands Apiaries is a member of Secure Exports Scheme (SES) - New Zealand’s Authorised Economic Operator programme. This allows for decreased wait times regarding Customs declarations, and we also get priority regarding trade disruptions. These trade disruption privileges extend exports heading to Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and the United States.

Why Midlands Apiaries

  • We work with you and your brand from concept to delivery.
  • Our capacity and continuity of supply mean we can deliver wherever and whenever.
  • Our experienced beekeepers strategically place hives in the most pristine lands and forests of clean green New Zealand.
  • We operate a robust quality assurance programme with vigilant compliance and certification systems, supported by our in-house laboratory.
  • We sell our Mānuka honey as private label to some of the largest retailers in the world.

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