Koha by Nature - natural skincare at its most luxurious

Koha by Nature

Naturally sourced plant-based ingredients, Koha by Nature skin care range provides optimum nutrients in support of beautiful, glowing skin.

Koha by Nature's Hemp Face Cream embodies the essence of nature by combining New Zealand produced hemp seed oil with the soft, calming notes of organic lavender oil and rose geranium. With the addition of shea butter and Resveratrol, this premium, natural face cream ensures hydration and renewal at cellular level by locking in moisture while soothing skin through the natural anti-inflammatory properties of hemp.

The Koha by Nature skin care range also offers a hemp hand cream and a hemp lip balm. The luxurious hand cream is designed to soothe and hydrate even the toughest working hands. Oils of hemp, lavandin, sweet orange and Kanuka have been combined to create our own proprietary blend then infused with honey and shea butter to nourish and protect the skin. This premium hand cream will expertly moisturise and smooth out even the toughest dry edges.

The addition of a lip balm to the Koha by Nature skin care range ensures our often-neglected lips don't get forgotten! Rich in New Zealand hemp seed oil with notes of spearmint and orange oils and combined into a lime and organic beeswax mixture, this natural and effective lip balm gives excellent hydration to moisture, protect and soothe lips. 


John McKeefry

Account Manager

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