Our Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain

Our vertically integrated supply chain means we can control the quality of our products at every stage of production, through to delivery to port.

Production & Agronomy

We are committed to excellent service and technical support to our local grower suppliers and our international customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable agronomic staff work very closely with our grower suppliers to ensure production outcomes are maximised for the grower and end user, including both quality and yield.

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Agricultural Contracting

Our technical knowledge in managing high value crops, coupled with our expertise in logistics, ensures the best chance of success for every season.

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Crop Pollination

Our pollination services build long term mutually beneficial relationships between arable growers, customers and ourselves. Our services enable New Zealand to produce specialty seed crops that can compete in the global market and contribute to New Zealand's seed industry.

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Seed Cleaning

Our involvement continues with the post-harvest supervision of cleaning and further processing of the product before it is packed and made ready for shipping.  Our 30-year relationship with the Southern Hemispheres biggest Seed Cleaning business is just the start. From when seed arrives from the field to when seed is dressed for export, quality is at the forefront. Starting from ensuring the moisture and temperature are within our stringent quality standards when arriving from the field to correct storage to preserve seed integrity.


We operate to the highest global quality standards. All testing procedures meet the minimum standards of ISTA (International Seed Testing Association), in addition to those required by the customer.


We are raising the bar when it comes to seed dressing technology, including owning our own in-house colour sorter and metal detector.


We go to the next level for traceability, ensuring seed lines are managed and stored separately. Although others may mix seed lines, our storage systems means we can always trace our seeds all the way back to the paddock it was grown, allowing for full traceability from the planted seed to the final product.

Export & Logistics

The same level of quality control is undertaken with shipping schedules, documentation, and loading. We have a team of dedicated to Export & Logistics to make sure your seed arrives where you need it to be. We have quality control points at every stage of production, including guaranteeing containers for export meet stringent international standards.


Ross Wilson

Production Manager

Ph: +64 274 399 377

E: info@midlands.co.nz

Duncan King

Operations Manager

Ph: +64 27 433 3352

E: contracting@midlands.co.nz

Matt McCully

Field Operations Manager

Ph: +64 27 839 5390

E: info@midlands.co.nz

Michael Syme

Processing Manager

Ph: +64 274 354 719

E: info@midlands.co.nz

Michael Davies

Export & Logistics Manager

Ph: +64 27 252 2499

E: info@midlands.co.nz