Crop Pollination

Crop Pollination

Our pollination services build long term mutually beneficial relationships between arable growers, customers and ourselves. Our services enable New Zealand to produce specialty seed crops that can compete in the global market and contribute to New Zealand's seed industry.

Midlands Bees is one of the largest pollination services in the South Island running around 7000 hives for cropping farmers in the agricultural heart of New Zealand. This mutually beneficial business builds a strong relationship between arable growers and Midlands that helps produce specialty seed crops for our customers, that can compete in the global market.

Pollination Experience

We aim to exceed expectations and set new standards of excellence in pollination services within New Zealand. We understand pollination of different crops and our technical expertise, helps ensure we provide better quality and yield year after year.

Certainty of Timing

Our 7,000 beehives are used for natural and efficient pollination of specialty seed crops throughout Canterbury, providing pollination services for a variety of crops. This provides certainty on timing of bees on and off crop to maximise pollination and crop yield.

Bee Research

Our commitment to Research continues to pollination. Our dedicated research team are always looking for innovative ways to maximise pollination and identify new and different pollination techniques.  We also tailor our agronomy practises to ensure we look after the health of our bees.


Matt McCully

Field Operations Manager

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