Manuka Honey Experts

Expert Producers of Manuka

Give your customers added confidence in your brand by providing Manuka which is UMF Registered. Use this protected mark to reassure your customers they are buying real Manuka honey.

Manuka Honey is world renowned for its unique properties. It has a characteristically rich flavour, golden amber colour and thick jelly like texture which makes it distinct from any other honey found in the world. 

Our Expertise

We have a high level of expertise in Manuka and the changing market requirements. We have a variety of Manuka honey offerings, from different monofloral strengths UMF 5+ - 31+ to different flavours and formulations. We offer a diverse range of consumption options, including straight from the jar to powder, crystals, lozenges and snap packs

Manuka Science Definition

We understand Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) Manuka honey science definition and produce, test and set standards which exceed the minimum requirements.  The UMF Registered trademark on our Manuka labels indicate the grade of Manuka we are packaging. Each batch of Manuka honey is tested by an independent accredited laboratory to certify the quality of the honey and the grade of Manuka.

Check out the UMF Honey Association grading system.

Delivering a Higher Standard

Our in-house lab tests every batch of Manuka, which is then independently verified by internationally accredited labs ensuring the authenticity and quality of our Manuka honey. 

Midlands UMF Certificate

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics

We have experience with dealing with a range of Manuka customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. 


Adam Boot

International Brand Manager

Ph: +64 27 426 6006