Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation

Our strong investment in research and innovation, is part of our commitment to improving the quality and value of our products.

From the company's beginning, one of its main priorities has been a focus on research and innovation. 


We have a culture of innovation and we don’t shy away tough innovation. We are always up for a challenge and understand, honey is not just for toast.  We search for new and innovative ways to consume honey, from new flavours and formulations, to different consumption options.


We don’t sit still, we know your world is fast moving, that’s why we move faster with a market and customer focus to meet the needs of a changing world.


We are taking honey to the next level.  We are leading the change to meet growing customer demands and to be first to market with new products.   With world leading quality as our benchmark, our team goes above and beyond international guidelines.  We are continually evolving our practice to be even better, in all parts of our business, to deliver the best honey.


Adam Boot

International Brand Manager

Ph: +64 27 426 6006


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