State of the Art Packing Facility

Packing Facility

Great people, great equipment, great product. When you place an order, you need to know that it will be filled.  Our large-scale capacity and continuity of supply means we can deliver what you need, in the timeframe you require.

Our large-scale capacity and continuity of supply mean we can package and deliver what you need in the timeframe you require.

We are the third-largest supplier of honey in New Zealand. We can produce 4,236 metric tonnes per year at total capacity - that's over 24,000 jars per day. Our state-of-the-art packing facility, equipment, and experienced staff allow us to create the best honey products possible.

More than just a Honey Packer

In addition to our advanced packing facility - we also have highly-experienced in-house exporting and marketing departments. Our specialised teams and staff provide full-service support for your brand from product conception to delivery, including

Higher Standards

Midlands Apiaries believes production processes and quality assurance standards are paramount to running a successful honey operation. Our purpose-built packing facility operates a HACCP-based National Programme and is a Level 3-certified SQF food production facility, licensed and inspected by New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI).

Our state-of-the-art equipment blends honey to your specifications. When passing our stringent quality standards, using custom-made machinery, our honey then goes through the following steps:

  • Deposited into a jar of your choice
  • Weighed for accuracy
  • Passed through a metal detector
  • Custom label adheres to the jar
  • Packed carefully into retail-ready packaging
  • Stacked on a pallet, ready for transport

Food Security

Focusing on high-quality production processes and quality assurance standards should be at the forefront of all Mānuka honey packaging. Subsequently, this is why our purpose-built packing facility operates as a HACCP national programme certified as an SQF Level 3 certified food production facility.

These certifications will give your product customer confidence due to verifications from the Ministry of Primary Industries. Food safety is a priority for most countries when goods are imported; we take it upon ourselves to ensure that all necessary criteria are met for all countries.

We manage the quality of honey throughout the entire production process. While following the stringent guidelines for honey, we finish with an induction seal and then finally apply a lid with a positive action tamper-evident ring - ensuring the authenticity of your honey when it arrives.