Leading International Supplier of Private Label Honey

Private Label Honey

Midlands is an experienced honey packer and a leading supplier of retail-ready packed honey. We offer a complete turnkey honey solution from product development to label design to export requirements. We nurture your brand from seed to fruition with a wide range of premium honey and dedicated teams ready to help you with all aspects of your brand.

We provide a total honey solution offering you the complete package, from your original concept right the way through to delivering the finished honey product. Our flexible and customised approach means we adapt to suit your needs, from various jar shapes and sizes to quality specifications.

Wide Range Of Packed Honey Options

Our extensive national supply network means we have many honey options available. We have created long-term partnerships with apiaries, beekeepers, and suppliers, meaning we can guarantee you continuity of supply year-round.

Whether it be Mānuka, Clover, Rata, Rewarewa, Kamahi, or Thyme honey - we have an array of honey types that can fit your buzzing business.

Quality Honey

World-leading quality is our benchmark, and our customers tell us that our honey is some of the best they have ever tasted. Our craftsmen of honey create smooth and creamy honey with unrivalled flavour. We have extensive quality assurance processes to ensure the consistent delivery of the very best honey 365 days a year.

Authentic And Registered Manuka Honey

Give your customers added confidence in your brand by providing Mānuka honey which is UMF™ Registered. Use this protected mark to reassure your customers they are buying real Mānuka honey.

Finding The Right Packaging

Honey can arrive in several packaging options aside from jars. We offer a range of customised single-serve honey solutions for your brand, including snap packs, sachets and straws, alongside our extensive offering PET and glass jar options.  We can also arrange retail-ready packaging or displays, so your products can go straight to store shelves.

Our standard offering includes;

Square private label honey jars, 250 grams, 350 grams, 375 grams, 500 grams and 1 kg

Square Plastic Jars

Private label honey plastic hexagon jars 250 grams, 500 grams and 1 kg

Hexagon Plastic Jars

Round plastic private label honey jars, 120 grams, 250 grams, 340 grams and 500 grams

Round Plastic Jars

Round private label honey glass jars 250 grams and 400 grams

Round Glass Jars

Plastic private label squeezy honey bottles, 450 grams and 1 kg

Squeezy Bottles

Private Label single serve honey options, lozenges, crystals or powder, snap packs or gummies

Single Serve Options

**Other packaging options may be available on request. Minimum order quantities apply.

Label Compliance

Labelling is one of the most crucial aspects of product marketing. Our team of highly-skilled professionals knows what to put on your label to ensure legal compliance and increase market access.  Having label compliance is an essential part of retail brands to avoid unnecessary risks and recalls. Our team will support you to make sure your label is correct the first time.

Brand Development

Our knowledgeable brand development team can help you along the way with all of your brand needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all scenario; we construct bespoke strategies for each brand to ensure a unique approach. From design to testing, we help develop your brand around you and your market requirements

Our access to in-market research and brand availability will also help you understand the introductory requirements for your market. From the initial seed of your idea, we can help you with your design with our in-house marketing support and a strong network of local designers to help your brand flourish.

Looking for other options?

Our honey products are also available in our stable of retail-ready brands or in bulk packaging as an ingredient for food or cosmetics


Nick Kerr

Sales - North America & Europe

Ph: +64 27 807 9849

E: honey@midlands.co.nz