Bulk Honey Suppliers

Bulk Honey

Midlands Apiaries is a leading supplier of bulk honey and high-quality wholesale Manuka Honey.

With a wide range of premium wholesale honey and dedicated teams ready to help you with all aspects of your order, we ensure your pure New Zealand honey meets the highest quality standards.

Wide Range of Quality Bulk Honey

World-leading quality is our benchmark. Our customers tell us that our honey is some of the best they have ever tasted. Our extensive supply network means we have a wide range of New Zealand honey available and can guarantee you continuity of supply.

Flexible Bulk Packaging Solutions

We offer customised solutions for all of our brands. Meeting your quality specifications and customised packaging solutions is what makes Midlands Apiaries a partner like no other.

We also provide a variety of bulk packaging options when it comes to bulk delivery. Orders are packed into containers or pellets in pails, drums or IBC's. Our sizes include:

  • 15kg Pail
  • 25kg Pail
  • 320kg Steel Drum
  • 1400kg IBC

Export Compliance

Our team has a wealth of experience in export and logistics and arranges everything for your shipping to ensure your honey arrives where it needs to be. We take care of all the documentation required and can ship to most countries or regions worldwide. From hive to the jar, our vertical integration allows us to control quality throughout the supply chain.

Midlands is part of the Secure Exports Scheme (SES), an Authorised Economic Operator-approved programme, that meets the global supply chain security standards set by the World Customs Organization.

The benefits of being part of the SES are widespread. There is a reduction in delays when you are a member of this programme, and you have priority in the event of security level changes. These safeguards are vital for a well-established business that needs to ensure consistent stock for successful distribution among retailers.  

Our in-house freight travels around New Zealand to collect the best honey before delivering it to our production facilities. Our production facilities then craft the best quality honey before it is packaged and transported for shipment. This ensures the quality of logistics for products from honey collection across the country to the loading and sealing of containers and delivery to port.

Bulk Honey and Wholesale Manuka Honey Supplier

The unique properties of Mānuka Honey are desired by many as an ingredient for food, pharmaceuticals, or beauty products. Blooming only two to six weeks a year, we have several highly skilled and knowledgeable staff on our team. 

As a staple of New Zealand culture, Mānuka honey is protected by the New Zealand government and must pass stringent regulations to be classified as pure Mānuka honey. We can offer you an extensive range of honey that spans the spectrum of potency, providing honey with monofloral strengths UMF™ 5+ - 32+.

Looking for other options?

Our honey products are also available in your own private label / OEM brand or in one of our own retail ready brands.


Patrick McKewen

Sales - North America & Middle East

Ph: +64 27 838 6242

E: honey@midlands.co.nz