What We Offer

What We Offer

Our product range comprises of an extensive list of nutritional oils and health food ingredients, with a focus on bulk wholesale with a wide range of specialty oils and food ingredients being produced from our purpose-built premises in Ashburton.

We focus on quality, and with locally produced seed, we create some of the world’s best seed oils used as Health Oils, Skincare Oils, Gourmet Culinary Oils and High Temperature Culinary Oils as liquid or capsules. In addition to our oils, we also produce a range of associated health food ingredients, including Superfoods, Hemp Seed and Flaxseed Products.

Bulk Nutritional Products

Midlands Nutrition is a producer and supplier of natural nutritional oils and health food ingredients rich in essential fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic acid (Omega 3) and gamma-linolenic acid (Omega 6). Our product range comprises an extensive list of oils and oilseed products, with a focus on bulk nutritional oils. We work closely with our customers to ensure the highest quality products are provided for your requirements.

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Private Label Solutions

We have an impeccable reputation for choosing only the finest specialty oils available is second-to-none, and locally sourced seed can be traced right back to the farmers paddock. All containing high doses of nutritional goodness that your customer will love! We have a wide range of oils, health foods, with a matching variety in packing to choose from.

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Retail Ready Brands

We produce and supply high-quality natural specialty oils and health food ingredients rich in Essential Fatty Acids. Our product range comprises an extensive list of oils and food ingredients, closely integrating contract growing, product development, oil processing and distribution. We ensure that we efficiently deliver the highest product quality and service to our customers.

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Brand Development

Have a concept for a health product? Whether it’s for Oils, Capsules, Health Foods, or a blend of products, we can help you. Our skilled people can support you along the way with your brand needs and requirements.  We are adaptive to meet your needs, whether it’s from product selection to packaging requirements, we have you covered from start to finish. 

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Nigel Hosking

Sales & Marketing Manager

Ph: +64 27 467 6688

E: nutrition@midlands.co.nz

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