Oil Production Facility

Our Oil Extraction Facility

Midlands Nutrition purpose built oil extraction and production premises have been specially designed to maximise oil quality. This 4500sq foot factory has an enclosed seed pressing room, which excludes light so that delicate seed oils are not exposed to damaging ultra violet light. The thick concrete walls make stable temperature control simple, which again is vital for maintaining oil quality.

With our expert knowledge of market and customer requirements, we readily adapt to new trends and specialty requests. Our facility allows us to be flexible, so we can adapt quickly to meet your requirements.

Cold Pressing Quality Oils

We know how to produce great quality oils.  We take our time, producing the freshest cold pressed oil and health products. 100% fresh and 100% natural.

We have a well-established facility with equipment, including oil presses, for the Cold Pressing of oil seeds. Cold Pressing seeds to extract oils is regarded as the principal method of extracting oils without damaging them. Most other methods of oil extraction expose the oil to heat and solvents, which can damage the ‘health-giving’ properties of oils. Our oil extraction equipment ensures that the oil is made in an oxygen free environment. The temperatures reached during oil extraction do not exceed 40°C, and the oils are not exposed to light during the process.  These three factors ensure prolonged freshness, without any loss of the oil’s nutritional value.  

We also have a specialised oil press designed specifically for pressing Hemp Seed Oil.  This can be a particularly tricky oil, but our years of experience and investment in equipment, means we can ensure we produce maximum yield and quality every time.

Bottling Line

We have a purpose-built bottling line allowing for full-service brand and private label bottling.  Our specialised equipment fill, cap, and adhere the label, providing ease to the packing of your products.  We also use inert gas in our bottles to protect oils and ensure they are of the highest quality.  Standard sizes include 250ml and 500ml, but other sizes are available on request.

Seed Storage

Our premises contain our own seed storage area on site, and all seed delivered for the production of specialty oils such as Flaxseed Oil, has been machine dressed to the highest purity standard at a local partner company.

Increased market demand for our specialty oils seed oil products has prompted an ongoing need to expand our production facilities. Alongside the development of a stringent Quality Assurance programme, plant capacity has been doubled in recent times to ensure prompt product delivery.  Midlands has strict storage and handling practices to ensure that customers receive the highest quality oil possible.


Lynnie Scammell

Operations Manager

Ph: +64 27 460 4943

E: info@midlands.co.nz