Private Label Solutions

Your Private Label Solutions

Midlands Nutrition impeccable reputation for choosing only the finest specialty oils available is second-to-none, and locally sourced seed can be traced right back to the farmers paddock. All containing high doses of nutritional goodness that your customer will love! We have a wide range of oils, health foods, with a matching variety in packing to choose from.


We know all about oils and other health foods and we will help you through the process to develop or enhance your brand.

We will guide your product through every step, from concept to completion. Our team consists of Research and Development, Quality Assurance, production experts and our support staff have the experience and knowledge needed for seamless development, bottling, packaging, and shipping of your product. Our attention to detail at every level is unmatched, and our quality assurance practices are among the most comprehensive in the industry. Our long-term relationships growers and suppliers means we can guarantee you continuity of supply.

You can Private Label any of our oils or health food ingredients to promote your own brand and we will ensure we look after your brand as if it were our own!

Full Service Private Label Solution

We provide a full-service Private Label option, meaning we take care of everything.

  • Import requirements
  • Shipping documentation
  • Label design
  • Label compliance

Wide Range

We can offer you customised solutions. Our New Zealand production and long-term relationships with global manufacturers, means we have secure supply of a wide range of products, getting you what you need. Not only do we have a wide range, but we also blend products to your specification, delivering customised nutritional profiles and flavours.  Additional Nutritional Products may be available on request.

Our Bottling Line

Our purpose built bottling line takes the work out of bottling.  Specialised equipment fill, cap and adhere the label, providing ease to the packing of your products.  We also use inert gas in our bottles to protect oils and ensure they are of the highest quality.

Ingredient Production

We produce more than just oils, with a range of natural, healthy, and nutritious food ingredients in a variety of packaging options. With contract manufacturing, we can offer you packaging formats from 1.5 gm to 5 kg in high-quality food grade packaging materials including pre-printed film, pouches, and canisters.

Flexible Packaging Options

We have several bottle and dried good packaging sizes available based on your needs. We provide a variety options when it comes to Private Label solutions, with orders being packed into containers or onto pellets for delivery. Other selected packaging options available on request. Minimum order quantities may apply. Sizes include;


  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 1000mg Capsules (number of Capsules per pottle varies to requirements)
  • 500mg Capsules (number of Capsules per pottle varies to requirements)

Health Food Ingredients

  • 5g – 5kg

All items used for packaging meet food grade standards, and all packaging specifications are compliant with our Organic Certification programme.  All units containing oils are purged with inert gas to minimise oxidation and package even the finest of powders, including Wheat and Barley Grass, without the fuss and mess. Innovative packaging systems are available that are intended to minimise oxidation of volatile products by excluding light and air.

We are focused on the utilisation of recyclable materials for packaging without compromising product quality and/or food grade standards. This has been validated by the company receiving the various Business Awards for implementing these Clean Green initiatives.

Brand Development

Have a concept for a health product? Whether it’s for Oils, Capsules, Health Foods, or a blend of products, we can help you. Our skilled people can support you along the way with your brand needs and requirements.  We are adaptive to meet your needs, whether it’s from product selection to packaging requirements, we have you covered from start to finish.

We make sure you get a high-quality product, in the packaging you required, with the right label, shipped to the destination you need it.

Don’t be like everyone else

Our skilled people (including a Food Technologist) know how to get better nutritional values, combine products and ensure you get the best flavoured product. Our wide range, and supply networks to source additional products, mean whatever your brand needs, we can help. 


If you have an idea, we can help you make your design come to life, with inhouse marketing support and a strong network of local designers we can help your brand be born. 

Labelling Compliance

Labels can be tricky, and sometimes it’s hard to know what needs to be on a label.  Having label compliance is important part of retail brands to avoid unnecessary risk and recalls.  Our team know what to put on a label and can help you make sure your label is right the first time.

Whether it is from product selection to packaging requirements, we have you covered. We can help you along the process to get your brand to market.

Looking for other options?

Our nutritional products are also available in our own stable of retail ready brands or as a bulk packaging as an ingredient.


John McKeefry

Account Manager

Ph: +64 27 467 6688