Bulk Nutritional Oils and Food Ingredients

Bulk Oils and Superfoods

Midlands Nutrition is a producer and supplier of natural nutritional oils and health food ingredients rich in essential fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic acid (Omega 3) and gamma-linolenic acid (Omega 6). Our product range comprises an extensive list of oils and oilseed products, with a focus on bulk nutritional oils. We work closely with our customers to ensure the highest quality products are provided for your requirements.

Our business also works closely with offshore manufacturers to optimise the value proposition to our customers, including the direct to source supply of selected specialty oils.

Wide Range

We can offer you customised solutions. From Wheat and Barley Grass Powder to Hemp and Flaxseed Oil, our New Zealand production and long-term relationships with global manufacturers, means we have secure supply of a wide range of products, getting you what you need. Our long-term relationships these New Zealand growers and International suppliers means we can guarantee you continuity of supply.

Labelling Compliance

Labels need to be right, especially on products being exported. Having label compliance is an important part of exporting bulk oils and health foods to ensure products are not held up in customs or rejected at the border. Our team know what to put on a label and can help you make sure your label is right the first time. 

Flexible Packaging Options

We provide a variety of bulk packaging options when it comes to bulk delivery. Orders are packed into containers or on pellets in bags, drums, or tripaks. Other selected packaging options are available on request. Minimum order quantities may apply. Sizes include;

Nutritional Oils

  • 5L Jerry Can
  • 20L Jerry Can
  • 210kg Drum
  • 920kg Tripak

Health Food Ingredients

  • 25kg Polypropylene Sack
  • 750kg Bulk Bag
  • Bulk Truck (Animal Nutrition only)

All items used for packaging meet food grade standards, and all packaging specifications are compliant with our Organic Certification programme. All units containing oils are purged with inert gas to minimise oxidation. Innovative packaging systems are available that are intended to minimise oxidation of volatile products by excluding light and air.

We are focused on the utilisation of recyclable materials for packaging without compromising product quality and/or food grade standards. This has been validated by the company receiving the various Business Awards for implementing these Clean Green initiatives.

Looking for other options?

Our nutritional products are also available in your own private label / OEM brand or in one of our own retail ready brands.


John McKeefry

Account Manager

Ph: +64 27 467 6688

E: nutrition@midlands.co.nz