We are Hemp and Flaxseed Production Experts

Our Flaxseed & Hemp Expertise

We are leaders, pioneering innovation in Hemp Seed and Flax Seed products in the Southern Hemisphere.

Whether you are looking for Hemp or Flaxseed in Bulk, needing a Private Label Solution for your brand, or need a Retail Ready Brand available for direct market entry, we have a wide range of Hemp and Flaxseed products to suit your needs.

Our Expertise

We have been growing Hemp and Flaxseed for decades, so enjoy the benefits of our experience. Being one of the largest and longest producers of Hemp and Flaxseed in New Zealand, we know how to get the best quality products. We have a dedicated research team ensuring we have the best seed lines for our climate and location providing the right environment to produce higher quality omega concentrations.

Delivering Quality

Our Hemp and Flaxseed is some of the best in the New Zealand market.  Our quality control programmes use independent labs to test our raw materials to ensure it is meets food safety standards even before it is produced.

We understand Cold Pressed oil production, and don’t cut corners. Hemp especially can be very difficult to work with, but our methods mean our oils aren’t exposed to heat, producing better quality oil with a superior flavour profile.  This is particularly important for sensitive oils such as Hemp and Flaxseed which are high in polyunsaturated fats, making them extremely unstable which effects flavour, becoming rancid quickly. We operate beyond global standards, and know how to prevent oxidization, making sure our oil is as fresh as possible. We make sure special quality markers for Hemp and Flaxseed, which dictate quality and flavour, are well below industry guidelines, ensuring the best flavour profiles.

Our Food Security systems ensure our products are truly authentic.  From the planted seed, to the final product, we have a closed loop of production from start to finish.

Blend options with any of the above with other products available on request.


John McKeefry

Account Manager

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