Chocolate and Caramel Honey

Chocolate and Caramel Honey

This unique honey is pure decadence. It takes one of natures sweetest treats and adds coco to make it just a little sweeter.

Our Chocolate and Caramel Honey can be customised for your business into different jar sizes, jar types and serving options to suit your customer or market needs.  Whether your business needs your own Private Label Brands, you want to distributor one of our market established Retail Ready BrandsPURITI, Primal By Nature or Mount Somers, or are looking for Bulk Chocolate and Caramel Honey as an food ingredient or for repackaging, we have a wide ranges of solutions to fit your individual business needs.

Made in New Zealand with the finest ingredients, this diary free and free from refined sugar is the perfect paleo addition.  With the great taste of natural New Zealand Clover and rich and sweet cocoa and caramel, this is the excellent sweetener for coffee without as much guilt.  Add to pancakes, waffles, ice cream or baking to as a refined sugar free or diary free option.

Technical Information


  • Monofloral Clover Honey
  • SQF Level 2
  • Non GMO
  • Halal
  • Kosher

Flavour Profile

Velvety and delicate honey, with a smooth and sweet chocolate and caramel flavour.


  • New Zealand Origin Honey
  • Fine Dutch Cocoa
  • Best Quality Product
  • Guaranteed Authenticity
  • Traceable to Hive
  • Environmentally and Responsibly Sourced 

Packaging Available

We provide a range of packing options when it comes to honey delivery. Orders are packed into containers or pellets in jars, pails, steel drums or IBC. Other selected packaging options may be available on request. Sizes include;

Private Label Jars

  • Square Jars - 250g, 350g, 375g, 500g, 1kg
  • Round Jars - 120g, 250g, 340g, 500g
  • Hexagon Jars - 500g, 1kg
  • Glass Jars - 250g, 400g

Private Label Single Serve Options

Retail Ready Brands for Distribution

Bulk Options for Food or Repackaging

  • 15kg Pails
  • 25kg Pails
  • 320kg Steel Drums
  • 1400kg IBC


Adam Boot

International Brand Manager

Ph: +64 27 426 6006


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