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Midlands Apiaries is New Zealand's leading honey supplier of premium retail ready packed honey. We can take your honey brand and fill it with the best honey New Zealand has to offer. We are experts in exporting honey and can take care of the whole process from consultation to formulation, from conception to shipping, our emphasis on quality and attention to detail at every stage of the supply chain is second to none. Need an Private Label Honey Supplier - Call Us for a quote!

What we offer

We are an experienced honey packer and leading supplier of Private Label/OEM and Retail Ready packed honey. We offer a full service from product development, to label design, to export requirements.

We have a wide range of premium honey and dedicated teams ready to help you with all aspects of your brand, we ensure your product meets the highest possible standards. We deliver a range of 100% pure New Zealand Honey including, Mānuka, Clover, Multifloral and Honeydew.

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About Midlands Apiaries


Wide range of honey

We know honey doesn’t just come in a jar. Depending on your needs, we offer Private Label Honey in glass and plastic jars and a range of customised single serve honey solutions for your brand including Snap Packs, Crystals, Powder, Lozenges and Gummies. For customers need bulk honey as a food or cosmetic ingredient, honey packaging options range from 15kg through to 1400kg.


Our packing facility is more than equipped to provide you with your private label’s design & label development. Our extensive selection ranges from 250g plastic square jars to 1400kg IBCs. In addition, we can modify our selection to fit varying shapes, colours and size concepts you may have (at a minimum order and lead time). Our frequent checkpoints during jar manufacturing also ensure that our jars never spill or leak.

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Wholesale New Zealand Manuka Honey

Midlands Apiaries is proud to be one of the largest Mānuka honey manufacturers and producers in New Zealand.  In addition, we sell wholesale Mānuka honey and private label Mānuka honey to some of the largest retailers in the world. We offer a range of retail brands ready for distribution and bulk options as a food or cosmetic ingredient.

Whether you call it private label, white label, packed honey, own brand or OEM, we are an experienced honey packer and leading supplier of retail ready packed Mānuka honey. We offer a full service from product development, to label design, to export requirements. Our flexible and customised approach means we adapt to suit your business and market needs. With a wide range of premium Mānuka honey our dedicated teams are ready to help you with all aspects of your brand, to ensure your product meets the highest possible standards.

Where we export

We have a dedicated and experienced in-house Export & Logistics team, taking care of international shipping getting your products where they need to be, when you need it.

We have a strong reputation of having high quality standards.  We currently export packed honey to;

  • South East Asia
  • North Asia
  • North America
  • Australia
  • Europe and
  • Middle East

Some of the countries we export to;

Who we have worked with

We have worked with a number of reputable international brand owners and retail chains. We have helped our customers develop their brand through our dedicated brand development team

Why Midlands Apiaries

  • We work with you and your brand from concept to delivery.
  • Our capacity and continuity of supply mean we can deliver wherever and whenever.
  • Our experienced beekeepers strategically place hives in the most pristine lands and forests of clean green New Zealand.
  • We operate a robust quality assurance programme with vigilant compliance and certification systems, supported by our in-house laboratory.
  • We sell our Mānuka honey as private label to some of the largest retailers in the world.

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Some of the worlds finest honey, 100% New Zealand harvested, tested, certified and packed. We have a dedicated shipping team that can help export your brand into any country around the world.