Why Premium Exporting & Logistics Is Needed For Manuka Honey

05 August 2021

Finding the perfect system of exporting and logistics for your wholesale Mānuka honey brands can be a tiresome task. 

This article will outline the importance of sourcing a logistics system that is beneficial to your brand. In addition, operating towards the strict international export standards of Mānuka honey will also be integral to the success of your business.


1. Strengthening Target Markets Around The Globe 

Private label Mānuka honey has garnered interest across all walks of life. Pure Mānuka honey has grown into a hot superfood with the most prominent consumers in Asia, United States and the Gulf states. China is perhaps the most notable country with a strong affinity towards Mānuka honey. 

With a target market that is outside the nation of production, an astute business will need an export and logistics department to ensure the bulk private label Mānuka honey is effectively transported. Midlands Apiaries extends these very services to such reputable brands as Mount Somers and PURITI


2. Complete Food Security 

As Mānuka honey production only occurs in New Zealand, it’s mandatory to meet the correct food standards. Therefore, the key to success in this industry is to find an export/logistics team aware of these standards. 

Some Mānuka honey suppliers in NZ, like Midlands Apiaries, are part of the Authorised Economic Operator programme. This allows for the recognition of global supply chain security standards as set by the World Customs Organisation. 

Perks for this certification include evading trade disruptions from the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and the USA. 


3. Reliable Delivery Times for Clients & Customers

Establishing a business as a reliable operation is one of the most vital attributes to exhibit. When customers import products to their nation, you’ll want to ensure a timely schedule and delivery. A highly knowledgeable group of logistics specialists will be needed to ensure your Mānuka honey bulk deliveries arrive on time. 

Building trust with your clients will instil confidence and increase the likelihood of a long-term relationship—a symbiotic relationship for both you and the customer to build revenue and profit. 


4. Abiding To The Stringent Government Regulations On Manuka Honey

Mānuka honey wholesalers are only based in New Zealand, which has specific laws regarding compliance. With any other Mānuka honey that comes from a different country, you can’t be certain you’re buying a genuine product. New Zealand maintains a premium position in overseas markets that allows for security and certainty of the presence of pure Mānuka honey in the world. 

As a national product of New Zealand, the government also takes a very strict stance on what is legally deemed to be Mānuka honey. According to the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), there are five defining attributes that must be met to be considered pure Mānuka honey. A failure to meet just one of these attributes will categorize the honey as multifloral. 

Our retail-ready brand PURITI passes all legal requirements of the Mānuka Honey Science definition as set by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI). PURITI Mānuka honey is completely monofloral, ensuring maximum potency.

Why Midlands Apiaries Is The Answer For You:

The experienced in-house Export and Logistics team at Midlands Apiaries is required to send products worldwide. With a range of experience in export and logistics, we can arrange everything for your shipping. We can take care of necessary documentation and ship to any country or region in the world. 

From hive to the jar, our vertical integration allows us to control quality throughout the supply chain. Our in house transportation travels around New Zealand to collect the best honey before delivering it to our production facilities. Being at each step of the way regarding honey production ensures the quality of the product we export. 

Operating vigilant compliance and certification systems, you can rest easy knowing that your products will arrive in the best possible condition. 

In Conclusion:

Midlands Apiaries is an all-encompassing team of professionals who can get your Mānuka honey brand off the ground. With experienced professionals at every step of the way, you’ll be in excellent hands. 

Our ability to nurture a brand from concept to launch makes us a unique entity in the industry.   

Finding the perfect system of exporting and logistics for your wholesale Mānuka honey brands can be a tiresome task. This article will outline the importance of sourcing a logistics system that is beneficial to your brand.