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Why Midlands Apiaries Should Be Your Wholesale Manuka Honey Supplier

24 November 2022

As one of New Zealand’s largest suppliers of wholesale Mānuka honey, Midlands Apiaries has the resources and expertise to assist in the effective growth of a Mānuka honey business. In the heartland of New Zealand, we operate a total Mānuka honey solution system that provides several monofloral Mānuka honey businesses with their necessary supply of Aotearoa’s most sought-after honey.

You may be a new growing business that requires more education on Mānuka honey, or you could be an established brand seeking a more reliable and high-quality Mānuka honey supplier. Either way, this article will give the perfect view into why Midlands Apiaries can be your one-stop supplier for the honey that has gained worldwide popularity. 


Is Midlands Apiaries Manuka Honey High-Quality? 

As an industry leader, Midlands apiaries prides itself on consistently producing and supplying the country’s most pure, untouched, raw monofloral Mānuka honey. Midlands Apiaries consist of workers that are experts in their specific field. 

Our master creamers are craftsmen of honey. Over many years they have refined their skills to produce the smoothest honey you have ever tasted - while retaining that unique purity, ensuring the honey remains as untouched as possible. 

Please read “How To Find The Best Mānuka Honey Manufacturer” for more information on finding the key signs of a high-functioning and premium Mānuka honey producer. 

More than just words, we have rigorous systems in place to ensure that we live up to an exceedingly high standard. With key testing conducted at every production stage before finally going through a metal detector, we can ensure 100% pure New Zealand Mānuka honey year-round. 

Although our in-house laboratory has pre-determined tests to conduct, we can introduce more specific tests if you require them. We ensure that every business we partner with can have a customised process for ensuring their raw Mānuka honey is up to the highest standards. 


What Manuka Honey Certifications Do Midlands Apiaries Have?

Midlands Apiaries requires all of our honey to go through vigilant compliance and certification systems. Possible only through our in-house laboratory, we undertake regular testing to maintain our reputation as one of New Zealand’s best wholesale Mānuka honey suppliers. 

We hold product certifications for the following: 

Halal, Kosher, Non-GMO, Glyphosate residue-free and New Zealand Made (Fernmark).

We also hold quality certifications for the following:

SQF Level 3 Certified - comprehensive food safety and quality management system.
HACCP  - used to identify and manage significant food safety hazards. 
RMP Registered - a risk management programme for outlining food safety protocols. 


What Process Do Midlands Apiaries Have For Traceability and Authenticity? 

Midlands Apiaries has a 100% commitment to food safety. It is of the utmost importance for our business partners and the customer that we provide clear lines of traceability for all our products. At any given time, we are aware of the origin of all of our batches and can ensure that effective QC measures are taken throughout the entire process. 

Our traceability processes ensure the authenticity of our raw materials so you can be assured the final product is genuine and to the highest possible standard. Our knowledge and experience, paired with quality control and traceability systems, guarantee a top-level quality product that you can be proud of when selling to your customers. 

Please read “How Traceability and Quality Control Ensures Premium Mānuka Honey” for more information. This blog details the extensive processes and safeguards we have in place to maintain the production of 100% pure Mānuka honey.


I’m A New Manuka Honey Business Owner; How Else Can Midlands Apiaries Assist? 

As mentioned above, Midlands Apiaries offers a total honey solution for your Mānuka honey brand. Far more than providing you with genuine monofloral Mānuka honey, our operation also includes a state-of-the-art packing facility, an experienced marketing team (with knowledge of the retail Mānuka honey market), and a team of exporting professionals who are aware of domestic and international export requirements. 

Our highly-specialised packing facility has several jar shapes and sizes that may fit your specifications. However, in the event you require a more bespoke design, our incredible team will be able to work with you to find a unique design that fits your brand (minimum order required). 

We have begun partnerships with brands that were very new to the pure Mānuka honey market. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have, as we can assist in the following areas: 

Midlands Apiaries Can Provide You With 100% Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey

Midlands Apiaries is the perfect partner for your brand. Wherever your business sits in a specific industry, i.e. skincare, natural foods or genuine Mānuka honey provider - we have all the latest technology and expertise to deliver what you want and when you need it. In addition, our widespread Mānuka honey supply and production operations can work with you to achieve your goals. 

We also offer the services of a highly knowledgeable sales & marketing team. So, if you’re looking to bring a fantastic brand to market, our team of professionals can plan a pathway to your launch. With an extensive network of honey supplies and laboratories - Midlands Apiaries can provide your business with everything it needs.

Additionally, as the largest New Zealand supplier of wholesale Mānuka honey globally, Midlands Apiaries knows a thing or two about quality. An accredited, independent laboratory tests each batch of Mānuka honey from Midlands Apiaries for certification. We are very aware of the stringent requirements set forth by UMF™HA (Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association). Our undeniable expertise in crafting Mānuka honey will give your business the necessary confidence to consistently deliver quality products. 

Get in touch with us today for more information about how Midlands Apiaries can make for a beneficial partner in your budding business.

"Midlands Apiaries can be your one-stop supplier for the honey that has gained worldwide popularity."