Uncovering the Manuka Honey Supply Chain

05 July 2024

Mānuka honey, renowned for its unique properties and distinct flavour, has become a popular ingredient globally. However, the authenticity and quality of pure Mānuka honey have been subjected to scrutiny due to issues such as adulteration and mislabelling. 

To address these concerns, Midlands Apiaries has implemented a comprehensive system to ensure complete traceability and quality control at every stage of the Mānuka honey supply chain. In this article, we will explore the significance of traceability and quality control in the New Zealand Mānuka honey industry and delve into how Midlands Apiaries is setting the standard for transparency and excellence.


Traceability & Quality Control in the Manuka Honey Industry

Traceability and quality control are key in the Mānuka honey industry for several reasons:


Authenticity Assurance for Manuka Honey:

With the increasing demand for genuine Mānuka honey, there has been a rise in counterfeit products. Complete traceability of authentic Mānuka honey ensures that consumers can verify the authenticity of the honey they purchase.

 Regulatory Compliance:

Stringent regulations govern the production and labelling of authentic Mānuka honey in countries like New Zealand. Maintaining traceability and quality control helps companies adhere to these regulations and avoid legal issues.

Consumer Confidence:

Transparent supply chains and rigorous quality control measures instil confidence in consumers, building better brand reputation and loyalty.

Product Differentiation:

Mānuka honey is valued for its unique properties and distinct flavour. Companies can differentiate their products in a crowded marketplace by ensuring quality at every stage.

Now, let's delve into how Midlands Apiaries achieves complete traceability and quality control in the Mānuka honey supply chain.


Midlands Apiaries' Approach to Traceability & Quality Control

Ethical Sourcing of Raw Materials:

Midlands Apiaries starts by ethically sourcing raw materials, primarily Mānuka honey, from carefully selected beekeeping partners. These partners adhere to our safe and responsible beekeeping practices, ensuring the health and welfare of the bees and the environment.

Hive Management and Monitoring:

Once the Mānuka honey is collected from the hives, Midlands Apiaries employs advanced hive management and monitoring systems. These systems track various parameters such as hive health, honey production, and environmental conditions. By closely monitoring these factors, Midlands Apiaries can promptly intervene to address any issues affecting honey quality.

Harvesting and Extraction:

During the harvesting and extraction process, we follow strict hygiene standards to prevent contamination and preserve the purity of the honey. Advanced extraction techniques are used to ensure maximum yield while minimising heat exposure, which can impact the honey's beneficial properties.

Laboratory Testing:

After extraction, samples of Mānuka honey undergo comprehensive laboratory testing to assess various parameters, including MGO (methylglyoxal) content, DHA (dihydroxyacetone) levels, and pollen count. These tests not only verify the authenticity of the honey but also determine its quality and potency.

Batch Traceability:

Each batch of Mānuka honey produced by Midlands Apiaries is assigned a unique identifier, allowing for complete traceability throughout the supply chain. This enables Midlands Apiaries to track the honey from hive to shelf, providing transparency to consumers and regulatory authorities.

Packaging and Labeling:

We take great care in packaging and labelling our Mānuka honey products

Distribution and Retail:

Throughout the distribution process, we work closely with our partners to ensure that proper handling and storage protocols are followed. This helps maintain the integrity of the honey during transit and storage, preserving its quality until it reaches the consumer.


Choosing the Right Genuine Manuka Honey Wholesaler

When it comes to sourcing wholesale Mānuka honey, Midlands Apiaries stands out as the ultimate partner of choice. Our commitment to responsible sourcing ensures that every jar of honey originates from carefully selected beekeeping partners who adhere to our approved supplier status, fortified by consistent audits, stringent quality checks, and beekeeping methods. 

Our rigorous approach to quality control extends throughout every stage of the honey production process. From hive management to laboratory testing, each step is used to maintain our high standards. 

With Midlands Apiaries, wholesalers can be confident in the quality of every batch of Mānuka honey we source, knowing that it has undergone thorough processes and meets the highest industry standards.


How Our Manuka Honey Supply Chain Exceeds Excellence 


In summary, traceability and quality control serve as key foundations of the Mānuka honey industry, guaranteeing authenticity, regulatory compliance, consumer trust, and product distinctiveness. 

Through our commitment to transparency, integrity, and quality, we not only establish the industry benchmark but also play a key role in safeguarding the authentic Mānuka honey tradition for you to enjoy. 


Choose Midlands Apiaries as your wholesale honey supplier.