Winners at the 2024 London International Honey Awards

03 July 2024

At Midlands Apiaries, we are excited to announce the remarkable success of our retail-ready brands—PURITI, Primal by Nature, and Mount Somers—at the prestigious 2024 London International Honey Awards (LIHA). This prestigious competition recognises the finest honey from around the globe. 

Our Awards:

- Mount Somers UMF 5+: Gold

- Mount Somers UMF 15+: Gold

- Primal by Nature UMF 15+: Platinum

- Primal by Nature UMF 25+: Gold

- PURITI UMF 10+: Gold

- PURITI UMF 20+: Platinum


These awards show that our hard work and dedication to quality really pays off.


The London International Honey Awards (LIHA)

The LIHA is renowned for its rigorous evaluation process. Each product is tasted blind, ensuring an unbiased assessment. The judges, a panel of international experts, carry out organoleptic analyses, focusing on taste, appearance, odour, texture, flavour, and mouth-feel. This meticulous process ensures that only the best honeys are recognised based on their distinct and individual properties.

Winning these awards is a huge honour. It showcases the dedication of our entire team and confirms that we’re delivering world-class honey.

For more information on our award-winning retail ready brands that are available for both local and international distribution, click here.