Why The Production of Manuka Honey Is Key For Your Business

25 August 2021

From the bees to the jar, the production process of private label Manuka honey is vital for the success of your business. In addition, the quality of the honey may be the determining factor as to how prosperous your brand becomes. 

This article will highlight the importance of working with conscientious and versatile honey producers. Furthermore, regarding the stringent regulations of quality, differences between monofloral & multifloral and variations of products, finding a partner that checks all of these boxes will immensely benefit your brand.

1. Checks & Balances

Quality Manuka honey is paramount, and finding top-rated producers in New Zealand isn’t always easy. Pure Mānuka honey requires checks and balances of quality along the way. An experienced apiary will apply rigorous testing before the crafting of the honey even begins. 

While in-house tests are always necessary to ensure quality, external testing is essential to ensure the purity of the Manuka honey. Specifically in New Zealand, tests carried out by independent IANZ-certified laboratories will provide Manuka honey that complies with the stringent government regulations. 

To be noted for quality and market compliance is a massive benefit to your business as it will legitimise your brand both nationally and internationally. Every batch should meet incredibly high standards and then should be independently verified by accredited laboratories. 

2. Monofloral vs Multifloral 

With so many Manuka honey products on the market, it’s vital to be aware of variations. Monofloral Mānuka honey is the classification by which the Mānuka plant was the predominant nectar used during production. 

According to the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), the test for pure monofloral Manuka honey requires five specific attributes to be present. If the honey fails to meet just one of the attributes, it will be categorised as multifloral Mānuka honey.

Multifloral Manuka honey includes the nectar of numerous flowers as well as Manuka. However, the unique properties of multifloral are fractional compared to monofloral. As such, multifloral honey cannot reach a UMF or MGO level needed for the nutritional benefits. 

3. Product Variations

Depending on your brand’s needs, some honey production facilities will provide several product variations. While Manuka honey is incredibly popular in its raw form, other kinds have gained popularity. For example, lozenges are becoming more popular - especially during those winter months. 

Through craftsmanship and refinery, pure UMF honey can range in strength. Therefore, different customers will be after different varieties. Having Manuka honey available in UMF +5 to UMF +31 will allow numerous customers from all walks of life. Capture everything from the person looking for a healthier alternative to sugar to the Manuka honey enthusiast who values the ultra-premium forms. 

Finally, a comprehensive packing facility may give you the freedom to have bespoke jars. Depending on the design, some facilities will be able to accommodate your unique Manuka honey brand packaging. 

4. A Partner For Your Brand

Finding a facility that provides excellent wholesale honey prices is always a benefit; a partner to assist in launching your brand is just as important. Some Manuka honey producers have integrated operations that include marketing teams. 

The ideal ally for your brand will provide capacity and continuity of bulk Manuka honey, including private label Manuka honey. The ability to work with a team who can deliver honey whenever and wherever will serve your business’s benefit. 

The presence of a knowledgeable honey team in your brand will give you constant support and development. With experience in multiple marketing platforms, your brand will evolve and strengthen in the market with the right team. 

Why Midlands Apiaries Is The Best Partner For Your Brand

Midlands Apiaries is this perfect partner. As one of New Zealand’s largest producers and suppliers of private label Manuka honey/ Manuka honey in bulk - we know a thing or two about branding. We don’t just put honey in a jar; we provide a total honey solution. As one of the top Manuka honey suppliers in NZ, our certified export honey can be branded and launched directly into your desired market. 

Some of our existing retail brands include PURITI, Primal by Nature and Mount Somers. With each brand hitting a unique market from ultra-premium to affordable, we can accommodate your needs. In addition, we can offer versatile sizing on our standard range of products to best suit your customers. 

We have built our business by developing long term partnerships with our customers. We create strong relationships, giving you the support and confidence you need to grow. We can craft, certify and distribute retail-ready brands into your market. 


In Conclusion: 

With Midlands Apiaries, your brand will not only be nurtured - it will thrive. We offer everything necessary to launch a brand and more. We can provide the quality, supply, export and logistics to get your product into the market. 

Get in touch with us today to begin the talks of growing your concept into a well-established brand.