Bulk Wheat (Milling & Biscuit)

Wheat (Milling & Biscuit)

Midlands provides bulk supply of Wheat as a food ingredient for your business. As an established company producing a wide variety of arable foods, we are proud of the quality of our bulk supply Wheat we deliver to businesses for the international market. If you are looking for high quality cereals, we have options available for you.

Wheat is a versatile crop mainly used for milling into flour for biscuits and bread. Biscuit and bread wheat differ in terms of how hard their grain is, therefore changing dough which is made from their flour. Biscuit wheat is soft and require special mills to extract the flour. The softness of biscuit wheat means it only absorb small amounts of water when mixed into a dough. Dough made with biscuit flours spread out sideways when baking, and so produce high quality biscuits.

Milling wheat for bread have different requirements. The grain is semi-hard to hard, and produces flour that flow easily when milling. Bread flours can absorb relatively large amount of water and have the capacity to stretch. Bread baking dough is expanded by gas from the fermenting yeast and then must retain that volume when cooked.

Product Variations

  • Milling Wheat
  • Biscuit Wheat
  • Animal Grade

Technical Information


New Zealand origin, best quality, premium seed genetics

Agronomy experts, traceability and responsibly sourced

We grow our cereals on the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand. Our latitude, pristine air quality, consistent water supply for irrigation, and exceptional soil types allow us to produce superior seeds.

Our quest for quality and a competitive edge is ongoing to ensure that our products meet the highest international standards. With quality assurance programmes that maintain control at every point along the production process.

Our extensive investment in research and breeding programmes ensures we produce cereals with the best genetics, maximising quality, size, and yield. Our agronomy experts then maintain a watchful eye over crops from the planted seed through to harvest, providing the right growing advice and maintaining best practice to improve seed quality.

From planted seed to final product, we have complete traceability. Our plant-based production focus ensures we give back to the environment. Carefully planning crop rotations to improve soil health and biodiversity and producing only what is needed to balance the requirements of the land. Our cereals are produced in a responsible and environmentally way.

Health Benefits

  • Contains Protein and Dietary Fibre
  • Contains minerals such as Iron and Magnesium


We have a range of product, quality, and export certifications that help deliver great products where you need them, when you need them, including;

  • Non-GMO
  • Halal
  • Kosher

Click here to find out more about our certifications and registrations, why you need them, and what they mean.

Flavour Profile

Neutral, earthy flavour.

Packaging Available

We provide standard packing options when it comes to bulk supply. Orders are packed into containers or pellets in 25kg sacks, or in larger 500kg or 1000kg bulk bags. Other selected packaging options may be available on request. Sizes include;

Packaging options 25kg, 500kg and 1000kg


Peter Burton

Sales Manager Cereal Seed & Grain

Ph: +64 27 444 5122

E: seed@midlands.co.nz

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