Making Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey Accessible Worldwide with PURITI

02 February 2024

Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey is nature’s liquid gold, delivering excellence in every spoonful, so delivering this wondrous product across the globe is something Midlands Apiaries is proud to do.

As New Zealand’s premier 100% pure Mānuka Honey supplier, Midlands Apiaries offers a range of honey solutions tailored to your business needs, including our exceptional Retail Ready Brand: PURITI. Harvested and produced in the greenest New Zealand environments, PURITI provides the world with high-quality Manuka honey. Our quality and certification standards promise our customers that we only deliver the best.

This article will show how this Retail Ready 100% Pure Mānuka Honey brand can help elevate your business with global access to top-tier honey.

What is Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey?

To understand how PURITI can help elevate your business with retail-ready 100% pure Mānuka Honey products, it is important to understand what is so special about pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey.

Originating from the native Mānuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium) in New Zealand, our honey bees diligently collect nectar from Mānuka tree flowers, contributing to the unique properties and distinct flavour of PURITI’s Mānuka honey.

From a physical perspective, Mānuka honey has several differences from conventional honey. Firstly, the thicker viscosity of monofloral Mānuka honey is one of the most obvious features. Our honey is always produced to maintain its amber colour, offering an earthier taste than typical honey.

While every type of honey possesses a unique and recognisable taste, monofloral Mānuka honey exhibits a range of different tones and notes. Furthermore, Mānuka honey stands out from multifloral varieties due to its noticeably subtle creaminess. According to many, the nutty undertones and a touch of bitterness contribute to a multi-dimensional experience of sweetness and earthly tastes.

Any monofloral Mānuka honey that comes through Midlands Apiaries has passed substantial testing with extensive quality control analysis. This is all possible thanks to our exceptional on-site laboratory. However, we don’t stop there; we also have relationships with several independent testers and IANZ-approved pathways to ensure we have external verification of our high-quality Mānuka honey.

The Benefits of Pure Manuka Honey

Mānuka honey has captured the hearts of health-conscious consumers globally, renowned for its unique and powerful properties.

Many believe that the most vital aspect of Mānuka Honey is MGO; however, much more than just one chemical contributes to the coveted product. All PURITI retail-ready products are UMF™-verified, which is the golden standard method of verification that requires four unique factors to be present in certain concentrations. MGO is one of these four factors, and it represents potency which is a key driver for Mānuka honey purity.

The other factors include:

 - Leptosperin - for authenticity

 - Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) - for shelf-life

 - Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) - for freshness

Pure Mānuka honey is suggested to have antibacterial components, which make it a powerhouse ingredient. 100% Mānuka honey has been cited in many articles to be used as a therapeutic agent to aid in skin issues.

It may also be used as an ingredient in cooking, baking, DIY facemasks, and so much more, making it a staple in households worldwide.

Why Consider PURITI as Your Retail-Ready Manuka Honey Option?

Embarking on your Mānuka honey journey warrants consideration of PURITI as your primary supplier. Why? Our Mānuka honey is 100% monofloral, raw, unpasteurised, and proudly Made in New Zealand. Our robust testing capabilities and certifications, including the coveted UMF™ certification, attest to the gold standard in Mānuka honey validation.

Setting itself apart, PURITI exceeds the already stringent UMF™ guidelines, ensuring a minimum MGO requirement higher than the UMF™ standard. Furthermore, each PURITI Mānuka honey jar boasts over 11 anti-counterfeit features, such as an engraved branded NZ map, proprietary lid, tamper-evident/break seal, black light invisible ink, and a laser-etched jar.

The PURITI Monofloral Manuka Honey Point of Difference

Distinguishing genuine Mānuka honey is made easy with the presence of the UMF™ (Unique Mānuka Factor) label. Reserved for Mānuka honey meeting rigorous standards through independent testing, every jar of PURITI Mānuka Honey undergoes thorough laboratory scrutiny to ensure the purity and quality consumers expect.

The UMF™ label signifies genuine, pure honey with a minimum level of unique activity, gauged by the assessment of four bioactive ingredients: Leptosperin content, a unique marker in Mānuka honey; Methylglyoxal (MGO) content, a key compound for potency; Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) content, indicating shelf-life; and Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) content, a natural byproduct reflecting the honey's processing history. Choosing PURITI ensures your access to unparalleled quality and authenticity in Mānuka honey.

PURITI Protects Against Counterfeit with UMF™ Mānuka Honey

We take extra measures to safeguard PURITI by incorporating anti-counterfeit and consumer protection elements, guaranteeing that the high-quality Mānuka honey product you acquire is consistently authentic.

To combat counterfeit honey, we employ 11 robust anti-counterfeit security measures. PURITI was established with the commitment to provide genuine Mānuka honey from its inception. Our distinctive jars not only preserve the integrity of our honey but also shield our customers from imitation.

Our Range of Retail Ready Mānuka Honey Products

We offer a wide range of retail-ready Mānuka honey in a variety of UMF strengths and jar size to suit domestic and export market needs. Our range includes:

Mānuka Honey

We have a wide variety of Mānuka honey grades available in a jar. Each jar is marked with both a UMF certification and an exceeding standard of MGO.

  • Mānuka UMF 5+ / MGO 100+ (250g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 10+ / MGO 300+ (250g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 15+ / MGO 550+ (250g & 500g)
  • Mānuka UMF 20+ / MGO 850+ (250g)
  • Mānuka UMF 22+ / MGO 1000+ (250g)
  • Mānuka Special Reserve UMF 25+ / MGO 1200+ (250g)
  • Mānuka Grand CRU Premier Reserve 31+ / MGO 1722 (250g)


Single Serve Options

Our single-serve options provide convenient, high-quality Mānuka honey options. From throwing a couple of snap packs in your gym bag for an after workout pick me up, or grabbing a Mānuka wellness gummy with breakfast, our single-serve options are an easy way for consumers to add Mānuka into their diet.

  • Mānuka Snap Packs UMF 10+ (21x5g)
  • Mānuka Lozenges UMF 12+ (8 Strip)
  • Mānuka Crystals UMF 5+ (40x5g)

Export & Distribution of 100% Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey

PURITI, one of our renowned Mānuka honey retail-ready brands, caters to domestic and international markets. If you are looking for a premium New Zealand brand for your local market, feel free to reach out.

Our proficient team of export and logistics specialists oversees the worldwide shipment of PURITI products. Adhering to stringent government regulations, we ensure compliance with diverse legislations to facilitate the secure entry of our products into various markets. Our shipping experts possess extensive experience in navigating the intricacies of transporting pure mānuka honey from New Zealand to destinations worldwide.

Having obtained registration with the FDA and GACC, we ensure a seamless transition into the US and China markets. Additionally, our membership in the Secure Export Scheme (SES) prioritises and expedites processes, minimising delays, particularly for:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • The Republic of Korea
  • Singapore
  • United States of America

How Midlands Apiaries Retail Ready Brand PURITI Can Help You

Midlands Apiaries is your go-to partner for authentic and responsibly sourced Mānuka Honey. With a nationwide network of apiaries and freight teams, we can ensure a continuous 12-month supply of our Retail Ready Brand - PURITI.

Rest assured, knowing that our state-of-the-art laboratory will carry out meticulous checks and balances throughout the whole process. At every stage of honey production, we conduct tests to ensure purity and consistency.

The highly experienced team at Midlands Apiaries also includes a talented Exports and Logistics team who know what is required to send our Retail Ready Mānuka honey brands worldwide.

Our dedicated in-house Exports and Logistics team makes sure your products arrive when you need them. We handle all the documentation required to ship to any country worldwide, arranging shipping schedules, documentation and loading. We are aware of the stringent export and import regulations worldwide to ensure the necessary paperwork is completed. Our goal is always to have your products arrive at your desired destination without issue.

Get Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey with PURITI

Being able to bring 100% Pure New Zealand Mānuka honey to the world is something Midlands Apiaries is passionate about. With world-leading quality and excellence as our benchmark, we are New Zealand’s number one supplier of wholesale and retail-ready products, and we can help your business flourish with genuine Mānuka honey.

Midlands Apiaries can help you distribute our high-quality, retail-ready Mānuka honey products with a 12-month supply anywhere in the world through our experienced export and logistics team.

Get in touch with us today for more information about how Midlands Apiaries can make for a beneficial partner with our 100% pure New Zealand Mānuka honey Retail Ready Brand, PURITI.