Is Pure Manuka Honey A Better Alternative To Refined Sugar?

26 January 2023

As a business that provides customers with consumable goods, it’s important to be aware of the dietary benefits of alternative sweeteners. As a natural product, monofloral Mānuka honey has several benefits aside from being a natural sweetener. Nevertheless, Mānuka honey still contains sugar and must be regulated to some capacity.

This article will compare and contrast the differences between pure Mānuka honey and refined sugar. Looking at each sweetener’s health pros and cons will give you, and as a business, a better understanding of why premium Mānuka honey could make for a viable sugar alternative in your products. 


Why Is Pure Manuka Honey Sweet? 

Firstly, Mānuka honey gains its sweetness from the Mānuka nectar found within the Mānuka flower (Leptospermum scoparium). When bees gather the nectar, they arrive back at the hive, where it is then “worked” and stored in the cells of the honeycomb until harvest. The sweetness of the honey remains for the entire production process of New Zealand’s rarest honey. 

For more information on how monofloral Mānuka honey is made, click here. 

Nectar is a syrup-like liquid that combines fructose, glucose and water. The proportion of sugar within nectar can be between ten and thirty percent. Although there are further studies to be conducted to confirm, it’s believed that premium Mānuka honey also contains proteins, salts, acids and oils that can enhance the health aspects of this natural sweetener over refined sugar. 


What Are The Pros and Cons Of Refined Cane Sugar? 

The pros of refined sugar do not extend far, as it can be highly addictive and extremely detrimental to the body when consumed in high quantities. 

As it can be mass-produced, refined sugar is a cheaper alternative to sweetening items but comes at the cost of the consumer's health. It is now common knowledge among the medical community, that an excess of refined sugar may contribute to the development of Type 2 diabetes and hypertension


Why Should I Consider Premium Manuka Honey For My Business? 

You may be a business looking to introduce more nature-focused products to your inventory, or you want to completely overhaul your sweetening methods.

Either way, Midlands Apiaries has the capabilities to ensure that you get consistent premium wholesale Mānuka honey. As one of New Zealand’s largest suppliers of monofloral Mānuka honey, we have gained a reputation for reliability and quality. 

Read this article to see how Midlands Apiaries can guarantee your business with pure Mānuka honey year-round. 

To name just some of the products that would benefit from using pure Mānuka honey over refined sugar: 

  • Candy 
  • Smoothies
  • Pet food
  • Baked goods
  • General FMCG items 


Midlands Apiaries Can Provide You With 100% Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey

Midlands Apiaries is the perfect partner for your brand. Wherever your business sits in a specific industry, i.e. skincare, natural foods, or genuine Mānuka honey provider - we have all the latest technology and expertise to deliver what you want and when you need it. In addition, our widespread Mānuka honey supply and production operations can work with you to achieve your goals. 

We also offer the services of a highly knowledgeable sales & marketing team. So, if you’re looking to bring a fantastic brand to market, our team of professionals can plan a pathway to your launch. With an extensive network of honey supplies and laboratories - Midlands Apiaries can provide your business with everything it needs.

Additionally, as the largest New Zealand supplier of wholesale Mānuka honey globally, Midlands Apiaries knows a thing or two about quality. An accredited, independent laboratory tests each batch of Mānuka honey from Midlands Apiaries for certification. We are very aware of the stringent requirements set forth by UMF™HA. Our undeniable expertise in crafting Mānuka honey will give your business the confidence to consistently deliver quality products. 

Get in touch with us today for more information about how Midlands Apiaries can make for a beneficial partner in your budding business.



Jaffé, W. R. (2012). Health effects of non-centrifugal sugar (NCS): A review. Sugar Tech, 14(2), 87-94.

"an excess of refined sugar may contribute to the development of Type 2 diabetes and hypertension"