How Can Manuka Honey Be Used In My Products?

16 May 2023

Midlands Apiaries is the New Zealand specialist for supplying year-round wholesale Mānuka honey. We have partnered with several businesses around the globe that use our pure monofloral Mānuka honey for a variety of reasons. From FMCG brands to top-line skincare brands, we have extensive experience in dealing with markets across the commercial spectrum. 

This informative article will go through the many potential uses for pure Mānuka honey. As one of New Zealand’s proudest exports, our premium Mānuka honey is enjoyed worldwide for a variety of reasons. If your business is looking to elevate the quality of your products, then make sure you contact us after this article. 

Let’s explore the many ways your customers could be enjoying our 100% pure New Zealand Mānuka honey!


Premium Manuka Honey in Food 


How Can Manuka Honey Be Added To Food? 

Pure Mānuka honey is an excellent ingredient to add to your FMCG goods! Particularly if you have a collection of premium or high-end products that need that special something. Midlands Apiaries has perfected our operation to ensure continuous monofloral Mānuka honey supply to food/drink producers. Depending on your inventory, we can ensure that our honey fits your products in the very best way.

Here are some ways genuine Mānuka honey can be added:

1. Beverages 

The perfect addition to tea, coffee, kombucha or other drinks that would benefit from more potent and complex flavours. 

2. Candy and Chocolate 

What better way to sweeten up your confectionary than with pure New Zealand Mānuka honey? This natural sweetener is an excellent addition to any artisan lollies. 

3. Dairy Products

There has been growing interest in Mānuka honey in dairy products. As a natural sugar alternative to sweeten products, businesses are always looking for ways to diversify their inventory and include more naturally-sweetened products. 

Why Should I Consider Adding Manuka Honey To My FMCG Products? 

Including pure Mānuka honey within your FMCG products can lead to various benefits that you don’t want to miss out on. Firstly, as mentioned above, UMF™-certified Mānuka honey is an excellent natural alternative to refined cane sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and other artificial sweeteners. Customers will view this ingredient as a healthy alternative. Additionally, Mānuka honey brings more than just the natural world to your food; it also brings a spectacular velvety, creamy flavour. 

Moreover, having monofloral Mānuka honey present in your products elevates your standing among competitors. Across the world, Mānuka honey is seen as a premium product from clean and green New Zealand. Standing out in a crowded industry is important, which is why including Mānuka honey is an excellent way to show off your unique product. 

Lastly is consumer demand. There are several primary drivers pushing the demand for Mānuka honey in their diet, including lifestyle changes, growing health problems, trying to eliminate health expenditure and becoming more engaged with living a healthy overall life. 


Premium Manuka Honey in Skincare 

How Does Manuka Honey Benefit The Skin? 

You may be a natural skincare brand that is excited to expand your unique inventory. We have had several skincare companies approach us and engage with our pure Mānuka honey supply. Mānuka honey has several aspects that can benefit the skin, which is why we’ve seen such a popularity rise in recent years.

Historically speaking, there have been records of the indigenous Maori population using Mānuka tree bark as a means of healing burns. Today, many customers and skincare experts speak wonders of pure Mānuka honey’s activity on the skin. Currently understood to be a natural humectant, premium Mānuka honey can assist in retaining moisture in the skin upon application. There has also been speculation that Mānuka honey may help soothe acne-prone skin. While there have been reports in clinical studies, Mānuka honey should not be marketed as an alternative to medicated acne skincare. 


Are There People Interested in Natural Skincare?

Absolutely. In recent years, there has been extensive growth within the skincare industry and particularly with the natural variety. According to studies at Grand View Research, the organic personal care sector was valued at $19.3 billion USD and is on track for a compound annual growth rate of 9.1% through an eight-year period between 2022 and 2030.  

The insights team at Midlands Apiaries is aware that many factors are driving this exceptional growth. Firstly, with a growing interest in environmental justice and awareness, people are more inclined to purchase products that they believe will alleviate climate change. Finding products that are more sustainable is part of what drives many buyers in today’s world. 

While medicated skincare is still commonly used to treat more severe conditions, those who are struggling with mild to moderate issues may be more interested in a less-harsh alternative. Using pure Mānuka honey for your skincare may give that added touch of “green” that your brand is looking for. 

For more information on Midlands Apiaries and skincare, please read - “How Manuka Honey Skincare Products Will Help Your Brand.”

Premium Manuka Honey in Wellness Products 


What Are The Wellness Benefits of Manuka Honey? 

Mānuka honey is used worldwide during the chilly seasons for several reasons. The perfect addition to a warm cup of tea or enjoyed on toast, there are some soothing benefits from pure Mānuka honey that your customers will definitely enjoy. The creamy texture of Mānuka honey is a marvellous soother for sore throats. 

There is already a large sector of the market that appreciates having throat soothers handy during the cold seasons. Even if enjoying Mānuka honey from the spoon, our pure Mānuka honey is always loved for the calming effect it has on the throat. A perfect ingredient for your winter wellness products. 


Can Manuka Honey Come In More Convenient Forms? 

While Midlands Apiaries supplies tonnes of raw Mānuka honey throughout the year, we are also suppliers of other variations of pure Mānuka honey. For example, we can have UMF™-certified Mānuka honey available in the following: 

  • Lozenges 
  • Crystals
  • Powder
  • Snap Packs
  • Gummies

These convenient methods of carrying premium Mānuka honey are very popular with our client’s customers. The ability to have Mānuka honey on the go is perfect for any buyer who lives an active lifestyle. The perfect solution for a natural burst of energy or for those seeking a creamy, earthy treat while on foot. 



Midlands Apiaries Can Provide You With 100% Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey

Midlands Apiaries is the perfect partner for your brand. Wherever your business sits in a specific industry, i.e. skincare, natural foods, or genuine Mānuka honey provider - we have all the latest technology and expertise to deliver what you want and when you need it. In addition, our widespread Mānuka honey supply and production operations can work with you to achieve your commercial goals. 

We also offer the services of a highly knowledgeable sales and marketing team. So, if you’re looking to bring a fantastic brand to market, our team of professionals can plan a pathway to your launch. With an extensive network of honey supplies and laboratories - Midlands Apiaries can provide your business with everything it needs.

Additionally, as the largest New Zealand supplier of wholesale Mānuka honey globally, Midlands Apiaries knows a thing or two about quality. An accredited, independent laboratory tests each batch of Mānuka honey from Midlands Apiaries for certification. We are very aware of the stringent requirements set forth by UMF™HA. Our undeniable expertise in crafting Mānuka honey will give your business the necessary confidence to deliver quality products consistently. Get in touch with us today for more information about how Midlands Apiaries can make for a beneficial partner in your budding business.



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"We have extensive experience in dealing with markets across the commercial spectrum."