Our Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain

Our vertically integrated supply chain means we can control the quality of our products at every stage of production. Allowing us to have complete traceability from the planted seed, right through to the final product.

Seed Production

Midlands Nutrition produces and supplies quality conventional and organic oil seeds both our own processing and for export to global markets. The majority of our oil seeds, including Hemp Seed, Flaxseed and Evening Primrose, are grown under contract in the Canterbury region, which has a unique soil and climate combination producing some of the world’s finest specialty oils and health food ingredients.

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Oil Extraction

Midlands Nutrition purpose-built production premises have been specially designed to maximize oil quality. This 4500sq foot factory has an enclosed seed pressing room, which excludes light so that delicate seed oils are not exposed to damaging ultraviolet light. The thick concrete walls make stable temperature control simple, which again is vital for maintaining oil quality.

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Ingredient Production

We produce more than just oils, with a range of natural, healthy and nutritious food ingredients in a variety of packaging options. With contract manufacturing, we can offer you packaging formats from 1.5 gm to 5 kg in high-quality food grade packaging materials including pre-printed film, pouches and canisters. Bulk orders are available in packaging up to 1 tonne.

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Cold Storage Facilities to Deliver Freshness

We are committed to quality. We take care of our products at every stage, including an onsite Cold Storage facility to optimise product quality and the freshness of both inward and outward raw materials. This controlled environment ensures that the best quality product is dispatched before it is transported by sister company Midlands Contracting to port for export, preserving the integrity and quality of all our natural products.

Export and Logistics

Our vertical integration allows us to test and control the quality of products, all the way from planted seed to final product.  This closed loop ensures our products meet the most stringent quality and Food Safety requirements. Our dedicated in-house Export & Logistics team make sure your products arrive where you need it to be. The same level of quality control is undertaken with shipping schedules, documentation, and loading.