Nutritional Research

Specialty Oil Research

Research is a key component of Midlands Nutritional Oil business. From the company’s beginning, one of its main priorities has been a focus on research to help secure the futures of both the company and their supply partners. As a result the company now has extensive research and development programmes to support and encourage the development of specialty oils and oilseed products in New Zealand

Midlands Nutritional Oils is dedicated to the development of specialty oil research. They have a dedicated team, who provide support for the advancement of high quality specialty seed oils and the improvement of specialty oil seed crops.

Specialty Oils Seed Research

Midlands Nutritional Oils is dedicated to specialty oils research before the oil has been extracted from the seed.  They develop 'Best Management Practices' for crops and continue to seek new and improved ways to improve quality and nutritional content of the seed. Midlands dedicated research team work on the development of all areas of specialty oil research, from before planting the seed to extracting specialty oils, implementing new technologies and strategies to ensure that they are producing the worlds best seeds for oil.

Nutritional Profiling

They evaluate each specialty oil to ensure nutritional quality of each batch.  By breaking down the dietary components they are able to assess the nutritional benefit and fatty acid profile for customers optimum health.  Specialty oils research also invests in ways to improve the nutritional profile of their products and how to increase stability and shelf life.

Chemical Analysis

Midlands Nutritional Oils specialty oils research also ensures that oils are free off heavy metals and chemicals. They also work on spray management programs to ensure that appropriate treatments are being used on crops and that there is no damage or residue left in specialty oils.


Jo Townshend

Research & Development Manager

Ph: +64 275 960 078


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Specialty oil research is a key component of who we are and what we stand for