Packing Factory

Packing Factory

Great People, Great Equipment, Great Product.


Midlands is the third largest supplier of honey in New Zealand. At top capacity, we can produce 4236 metric tonne per year that's 24000 jars per day! With a brand new, state of the art factory, equipment, and experienced staff, Midlands produces the best honey products possible.


Midlands is an experienced exporter.  Specialised teams and staff provide full service support for your brand from product conception to delivery. Services Midlands provide include;

  • Honey blended to your specifications
  • Label design
  • Retail ready packaging
  • Import requirements
  • Shipping documentation
  • In house laboratory testing

Quality Assurance

To meet production standards and customer requirements, Midlands is focused on a high quality production process and the highest quality assurance standards. Our purpose built packing factory operates a HACCP based Risk Management Programme and is a certified SQF food production facility, licensed and inspected by New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI).