What We Offer

What We Offer

With world-leading quality as our benchmark, our climate, soil types, grower expertise and the local agricultural infrastructure allow us to produce superior products. Built on research and development, our people ensure we are trusted partners for farmers, suppliers, and international buyers.

Our Seed Production focuses on two separate areas, Seed Production of Vegetable and Herbage Seed and Bulk Arable Seed Production.

Seed Production

We grow a range of Vegetable and Herbage Seed crops under forward contract. Our vertically integrated supply chain, allows us to control the quality at every step of production.

30 Years Experience in Seed Production & Research

Midlands Seed was established in 1990 in New Zealand, and expanded into Tasmania in 2004. In recent times has established itself as one of Australia’s leading seed production companies. Since the beginning, one of our main priorities has been a focus on research, supplying our team with a wealth of industry knowledge and insight, particularly in hybrid seed crop production.

Varietal Purity & Crop Isolation

Varietal purity throughout the total production and supply process is of paramount importance, to protect the interest of buyers and the integrity of Quality Assurance Programmes. We have implemented Seed Crop Isolation Distance (SCID), a local system established for sharing information between other seed producers and local farmers about what crops are being planted.  This ensures crops are appropriately isolated to avoid contamination and off types, maintaining hybridity. 

Bulk Arable Seeds

We service all parts of the seed industry, growing a diverse range of arable food crops, including cereals, pulses and oilseeds, to produce a portfolio of premium quality food ingredients.

These Arable Foods are produced both for the local market in Australia and New Zealand, as well as selected offshore markets. As part of our commitment to food safety, we ensure we have clear lines of traceability for all our products.  We know where our products come from and where they end up.  All along the way we ensure that we focused on a high-quality production process and the highest quality assurance.

Midlands Seed Arable Food range including;

  • Linseed Seed
  • Hemp Seed
  • Pulses
  • Specialty Oilseeds
  • Cereals

Technology to Improve Quality

We invest in technology that improves product quality.  From metal detectors to colour sorters we have the right tools to produce superior products.

Plant Breeding

We're future ready, with plant breeding programmes to develop current and new varieties. Our breeding programmes focus on producing superior traits in arable food crops, including improving the quality of nutrition.

Packaging Options

We provide standard packing options when it comes to bulk delivery. Orders are packed into containers or on pellets in sacks, or in larger bulk bags. Sizes include;

  • 25kg Polypropylene Sacks
  • 500kg Bulk Bags
  • 1000kg Bulk Bags

With other selected packaging options available on request. Please note minimum quantities apply for all products and additional products are available on request. 

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Blair Jepson


Operations Manager

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