Plant Variety Rights.

Plant Variety Rights and Licences

To ensure high quality production Midlands Seed has established Plant Variety Rights (PVRs) and Licenses for a range of its best performing cultivars.

Plant Variety Rights

Midlands Seed has jointly registered Plant Variety Rights (PVR) for the following crops;

  • Crusader/Apex White Clover
  • Milton White Clover
  • Makuri White Clover

In addition, Midlands Seed is Head Licensee or has rights to the following;

  • PRL-Midichi Marrowfat Peas; Seed Production Licensee in Tasmania and New Zealand.
  • PRL-Midlea Marrowfat Peas; Seed Production Licensee in Tasmania and New Zealand.
  • PRL-AP7 Blue Peas; Seed Production Licensee in Tasmania
  • Richmond Wheat:  We are NZ seed production Licensee
  • PRL-Fasamo Hemp seed; New Zealand Seed Production Licensee


Heritage Seed

  • GrangeR Barley
  • Oxford Barley
  • Williams Oats
  • Mandelup Lupins
  • Farah Faba Beans
  • Einstein Wheat
  • EGA Eaglehawk Wheat


  • Beaufort Wheat


  • Brennan Wheat
  • DS Pascal Wheat
  • PBA Samira Faba Beans
  • PBA Rana Faba Beans


  • RGT Colabro Wheat
  • RGT Relay Wheat
  • RGT Zanzibar Wheat