Manuka Collaboration

01 September 2016

ArborGen Australasia is combining forces with Midlands Apiaries Limited and Woodnet in a 2 year collaborative research and development programme to test, breed and produce elite Manuka plants for high-UMF honey production.

Duncan Storrier (CEO, Midlands Apiaries) said “We have ambitious future plans to increase our production of high-UMF Manuka honey. Supported by ArborGen as our producer of proprietary Midlands plant material and Woodnet as our planting consultant, we want to form supply relationships with landowners who have large blocks of land available for planting elite Manuka varieties”.

Greg Mann (General Manager, ArborGen Australasia) said “ArborGen is working closely with renowned plant breeder Tony Fist to ensure that the programme delivers elite Manuka varieties targeted to specific regions of New Zealand. We are also developing new nursery systems to produce robust seedlings and cuttings for planting. ”.

Stu Orme (CEO, Woodnet) said “Right species – Right place. Manuka is ideal for establishing for biodiversity benefits, erosion prevention and income (honey and carbon) within a few years of planting.

If going to the effort to plant Manuka then the returns from ‘improved’ plants should be much better than random selections albeit the initial establishment costs may be similar.

The work carried out by this programme will help to produce optimal results for landowners.”
Midlands is interested in hearing from landowners who have significant land blocks available for Manuka planting over the next few years.

Please contact:
Mark Wear – Midland Apiaries 027 405 3216
Stuart Orme – Woodnet – 027 444 2669
Mark Ryan – ArborGen – 021 983 275