Latitude - Regional Focus

01 June 2017


Keen to offer its farmer-growers new options coupled with producing more than just seed crops, a diverse Ashburton company set up its own oil seed extraction plant and now sells its natural cold pressed nutritional oils around the globe. “The business today is very different to how it started out back then,” explains Midlands Nutritional Oils Managing Director and Midlands Seed director, Andrew Davidson.
Originally named Oil Seed Extraction Limited, it started in 2002 on the back of the boom and subsequent bust of the local evening primrose seed market almost overnight when production shifted to China, which had an impact on local farmers in the late 1990s. “We didn’t want to see something like that happen again. We wanted to control our own destiny and create new markets for our arable growers and oil extraction seemed like a good vehicle to achieve that.”

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