Honey Suppliers

Premium New Zealand Honey

Midlands Apiaries provides a full service when it comes to natural honey. We can guide you along the process, from blend specification to label design. We can help you develop your brand. To see what we can do with a brand click here.

Midlands Apiaries own beehives in conjunction with honey suppliers in New Zealand's thriving honey industry. From the top of New Zealand's North Island, to the bottom of the South Island. We produce and process some of the most popular New Zealand honey bee products. From pure nature areas known to extract the finest quality available.

As New Zealand's leading pure honey supplier, Midlands Apiaries is strategically located in the Ashburton area. The environment is perfect for the production of this high-quality natural product. Due to a combination of flat plains, tall mountain ranges, and fresh flowing water.

We are proud New Zealand honey packers, and can provide you with everything you need. Specialising in multiple types of honey, including New Zealand Manuka Honey, Clover, Honeydew, Multiflora honey. The health food honey products we pack are first class. We encourage you to try them yourself.