Bulk Green Split Peas

Green Split Peas

Green Split Peas are produced from de hulled Blue Peas, Pisum sativum.

This product is ideal for use in soup mixes, extruded products, and buhja production. It can also be added to a wide range of foods to improve the nutritional profile including baked goods and snacks. With a high protein and fibre content per 100g and a pleasant taste and neutral colour, it can be added to products to help boost the nutritional profile of products with minimal impact on taste and colour. Green Split Peas can be milled to Green Pea Flour and used as a partial replacement of wheat flour to improve the nutritional profile or can be used with other gluten free ingredients in gluten free products.

There is a growing consumer awareness on what constitutes as a ‘better for you’ sustainable product. Pea products including Green Split Peas allow food processors to tap into growing consumer trends. It can be used as an ingredient in low-fat formulas, GMO-free, non-allergen, gluten-free, high protein the list goes on. Compared to other crops, pulses such as peas have a low carbon foot print and improve the sustainability of cropping systems, as they replenish natural nitrogen in the soil as they grow, improving soil fertility for the next crop grown in the process. The low input required to grow peas is perfect for products with a “green” story to tell.

Packaging Available

  • Polypropylene sack: 25kg
  • Bulks bags: 500kg, 1000kg
  • Other selected packaging options available on request.

Product Variation

  • Bulk Green Split Peas
  • Bulk Green Pea Flour
  • Bulk Blue Peas

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