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The Canterbury Plains, with their combination of excellent soil types, temperate climate and abundant fresh water supply for irrigation, create perfect growing conditions for a large number of arable products. Couple these favourable conditions with the expertise of Midlands Seed Ltd personnel, enhanced by the relationships they have with world-renowned research and marketing organisations, and the results are arable products which meet the highest world standards.

Midlands Seed are producers and marketers of:

  • Vegetable seed, with emphasis on high-value hybrids, which are produced for leading international seed companies.
  • Herbage seed, notably temperate grasses and legumes, particularly ryegrass and white clover, for international markets.
  • Pulses, for human consumption, concentrating on yield, colour and cooking quality.
  • Oilseeds, such as Flax Seed, Evening Primrose, Borage and others, which are produced both for export, and for our partner company Midlands Nutritional Oils (formerly Oil Seed Extractions Ltd (OSE). 
  • Cereals, where Midlands represent cultivars from international breeders in the New Zealand market.

In addition to Traditional Seed remultiplication, Midlands Seed also produce a unique range of whole and further processed Arable Food ingredients including Pulses, Cereals, Oilseeds, Fibres, Flours and Superfoods.