Extraction Facility

Honey Extraction

Midlands purpose built Honey Extraction Facility was built in 2015 and was built to extract Midlands-produced honey, along with the ability to contract extract for local beekeepers.

Hive Transportation and Storage

Midlands source a variety of honeys from across New Zealand, servicing, relocating and transporting honey supers (honey boxes or groups of hives) with a fleet of specialised beekeeping trucks.  These honey supers are unloaded and stored in a warm room until it is time for extraction. 

Honey Extraction

Honey is extracted from the comb with specially designed equipment and filtered at 180 micron. Honey is then pumped into drums for storage until it is ready to be packed at the packing factory.

Quality Assurance

To meet production standards and customer requirements, Midlands is focused on a high quality production process and the highest quality assurance standards. Our purpose built extraction facility operates a HACCP based Risk Management Programme and is a certified SQF food production facility, licensed and inspected by New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI). 

Contract Extraction

To book in contract extraction, please contact; 

Martin Lass

Bee Research
M: +64 27 839 9757
E: honey@midlands.co.nz