Export Honey Brands

Export Honey Brands

Midlands Apiaries is an independent, 100% New Zealand owned total honey solution, proud to bring the taste of New Zealand Honey to the world.

As New Zealand’s premiere honey producer and packer our experienced beekeepers strategically place hives in the most pristine lands and forests of clean, green New Zealand, in a sustainable environment, that allows our bees to live up to their reputation as nature’s hardest workers.

We produce and pack Manuka, Clover, Honeydew and Multi-flora honeys as well as a range of native honeys like Rata and Kamahi. Our state-of-the-art production and packaging facilities are conveniently located in the agricultural heart of New Zealand providing all the services required to blend, package and distribute high quality products and exceptional brands, including PURITI and Mount Somers.

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We believe that NZ Manuka honey must be the very best in every aspect and the same quality should be available to all consumers, no matter where they are in the world.

We want to eliminate confusion surrounding Manuka honey grading systems and standards. Not only should the consumer know what the different grades mean and represent but they should also understand the legal standards, what they are and where they are applicable.

It is clear that many consumers are unaware that the MPI Manuka Honey Science Definition (legal testing standard) only applies to exported jars, and is not a requirement for the New Zealand domestic market.

Most international consumers are also unaware that bulk barrels of Manuka Honey can be exported and packed overseas without any mandatory or legal requirement to meet the MPI Science Definition. Theoretically, this allows bulk honey to be packed offshore outside of New Zealand where quality regulation, standards and labeling rules may vary dramatically, therefore, resulting in a lower quality product.

The consumer must be given the full picture, the whole truth and all the information required to make an informed choice. We need to be comfortable whether you choose PURITI or not, your choice has been an informed one.

A lesser product does not mean a bad product, it just isn’t at PURITI Manuka quality. But if you do choose PURITI, you are getting Manuka honey that meets that PURITI Honey testing Standards.  All our Manuka honey is 10-100% higher than MPI's export standards and you can be assured that PURITI Manuka honey contains no Glyphosate residue. 

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Mount Somers

Mount Somers Honey, harvested, extracted, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand. Offering a wide range of unique and quality honey to the NZ consumer.

Mount Somers Manuka Honey

Mount Somers honey is proudly sourced from some of the most unpolluted and isolated areas of New Zealand. New Zealand honey is world renowned for its quality and purity. We take great pleasure in supplying some of the finest honey varieties of New Zealand that have exceptional taste and texture.

We dedicate ourselves to the art of producing New Zealand’s most beautiful and popular honeys for retail sale. It is this dedication that has allowed us to become a reliable brand of New Zealand honey. 

Our Manuka Honey is the real deal with no exceptions. Our raw, export quality Manuka honey is produced to exceed the Ministry of Primary Industry, Manuka Honey Science Definition. Uniquely creamed to a smooth velvety texture that melts in the mouth, Mount Somers Manuka Honey is affordable quality your customer deserve. 

We have gone further to challenge the honey industry providing innovative new products including our flavour sensations with our unique velvety 100% pure creamed clover with all natural flavours and extracts of zingy tangy fruits and dangerously indulgent desserts. 

Mount Somers Flavours Range

Mount Somers Flavours Range

Mount Somers Clover Honey

Mount Somers Clover Honey

Our purpose built, state of the art jar production, honey extraction and packing facilities further improves the quality of our honey, increases capacity and decreases lead times. Our in-house laboratory allows us to test honey at every stage of production because work leading quality is our bench mark, in everything we do.

Mount Somers is New Zealand's largest FMCG honey range providers, with delicious high quality Manuka Honey, Flavoured Honey, Chocolate Honey, New Zealand Native Honey and Baking and Cooking Honey. Make sure you get high quality, affordable and innovative honey that customers can love and trust.

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Adam Boot

International Brand Manager

Ph: +64 27 426 6006

E: honey@midlands.co.nz

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