About Us

Our Story

Growing success from the ground up. Through innovation and a dedication to producing complementary products, we have become a global leader in high value seed production, a leading producer and exporter of high-quality food ingredients, honeys and nutritional oils and a fundamental force in research and development.

Lease farming, plant breeding, asset protection, crop pollination, agricultural contracting and transport; although far reaching, everything we do stems back to maximising the quality of our products.

While we are at the heart of the global supply chain for products such as Marrowfat peas, Carrot seed, Flaxseed oil and Manuka honey, our commitment goes beyond products. We believe in investing in quality, which is why we’ve selected the best people, partners, and locations.

New Zealand is truly an ideal production location, with its pristine air quality, consistent water supply for irrigation, and exceptional soil types.

Our people go above and beyond to ensure we are trusted partners to farmers, suppliers and international buyers, supporting them with products and services that strengthen their business in the long run.

From consultation to formulation, conception to fulfilment, our emphasis on quality and attention to detail at every stage of the supply chain is second to none. With world leading quality and excellence as our benchmark, we are an interwoven group of people, products, skills and services operating on a global scale from our home turf in Canterbury, New Zealand and Tasmania, Australia.

Our Vision and Mission

To be a world class producer and supplier of high-quality seeds, honey, and nutritional products, and to set new standards for innovation and trustworthy business  practices.

By partnering with our suppliers and customers we build long term relationships which are mutually beneficial. We drive innovation and technology to remain at the forefront of the primary industry sector.  

We nurture and respect our team, by cultivating an environment of empowerment and trust designed to maximize potential.

Our Values

Our values are the building blocks of who we are — as people, a business and a brand.

  • Our People
    We empower our people, giving them the freedom to think big
  • Partnerships
    We build long term partnerships based on trust, because it is the right thing to do
  • Innovation
    Innovation and research are the backbone of our company
  • Reliability
    We always do what  we say we’ll do
  • Quality
    World leading quality is our benchmark
  • Safe & Sustainable
    We work in a safe and environmentally sustainable way